Diary – Thursday 19th July 2018

Up at 6.45am. I was sure it was Friday. Even switched off my alarm. Took about 15 minutes before I worked out it was only Thursday. Breakfast and out at 7.45am.

Bit of a crazy time at Early Birds with older ones being a bit silly.

Collected papers and Pluto and walked home.

Read paper, spent morning washing more windows.

Took Pluto for a walk up Snowhill Lane and along a bit of Higher Lane until he wanted to chase birds.


Watched some TdF.

Took Pluto home at about 2.30pm.

Didn’t do much else than watch TdF for rest of afternoon.

Got changed and walked down to school for 6.30pm. Time for Scorton Supper Run. Lots of club runners and not many locals. Rather warm and sunny. I ran 7.5km in 43:59. Pleased with that but think I can go faster. Sat in Priory with Kevin and Gemma eating hot pot. Then walked home.

Had a bath and sat in snug with beer and whisky before bed.

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Diary – Wednesday 18th July 2018

Up at 6.45am after a good sleep.

Breakfast and out at 7.45am.

Early Birds was busy and chaotic. Kids wouldn’t listen when I told them to stop misbehaving. One small injury. Relieved to get outside.

Up to church for prayer meeting. Only 4 of us.

Then to vicarage fr a brief meeting with Anton and Jim with tea and biscuits.

Got home at 10am with paper and Pluto.

Did some housework before sett no off with Pluto and walk not up Nicky Nook again. 44 minutes round trip.

Had lunch watching Tour de France.

Took Pluto home at about 2.30pm.

Did some tidying work outside and then watched last 30 minutes of TdF.

Left house at about 5.45pm and drove up to Calder Vale school. Stood outside and chatted to parents for a while before doors were opened. Then helped with raffle ticket sales.

Had to watch performance standing at back so not a good view.

First out of building at end of performance and drove along back road to Galgate and then Lancaster for connect group.

I was late so missed folding of holiday club booklets. We talked about what to study next then prayed. Finished at 9.30pm.

Drove home, sat in snug for a while before bed.

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Diary – Tuesday 17th July 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.30am.

Dry again. Mrs Hesketh was at school before me. She was busy tidying in the library.

Another fairly quiet day at Early Birds but Mrs Harwood had to have words with one of the girls. Outside with Mrs O’Brian.

Came home with papers and Pluto and sat for a while reading paper.

Went down to gym. A fast row, ok weights, and a good row. Ran a lot at 12kmh and even some at 12.5kmh. Hopefully will stand me in good stead for supper run on Thursday.

Home for lunch.

Got drowsy again.

And then walked Pluto down to village via woods and Tithebarn Lane. Was early so sat with an ice cream from shop.

Last after-school club of the year. Not very busy but only finished just before 5.45pm.

Walked over to village hall.

As doors opened for school show I helped with folding raffle tickets. Did mean I got a seat for the show with a pretty good view. And at the end helped packing up chairs and tidying before walking home.

Fried eggs, beans and toast for tea.

And sat in snug for evening.

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Diary – Monday 16th July 2018

Final school week of the year.

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.30am. Rain outside.

Early Birds was very quiet. Stayed indoors for whole session as it was rain gig but Mrs Harwood sent children to their classes at 8.45am so I got an early finish.

Collected papers and Pluto and headed home.

Read paper and did puzzles.

Rain relented so Pluto and I went for a walk, perhaps a march, up Nicky Nook.

Home for lunch.

Took Pluto home.

Did some weeding around garage door and along edges of drive.

Did a 10k row while watching Tipping Point.

Had a fish pie for tea.

Sat in snug for evening.

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Diary – Sunday 15th July 2018

Didn’t sleep well until early morning. Got up at 8am.

Breakfast and left house at 9.30am.

Stopped at Greaves Park to recycle tetrapaks.

Parked on Dalton Sq.

ChAtted with Peter and Sophie at LBC before service. Debbie led and Phil preached.

Left at 1230. Stopped at Booths to do some shopping.

Came home and cooked some lunch in oven which took a while, but watched TdF on pave stage.

had to leave before it finished. Walked down to church for World Cup final. Not many people around. It was a good game. Helped to tidy up afterwards.

Came home, had a st down and a drink of tea.

Got changed and went for run round block. Did two laps, about 6.6km.

Sat in snug with toast and a beer and watched Tv til bedtime.

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Diary – Saturday 14th July 2018

Got up about 7.30am, rather early for a Saturday.

Naomi had left by the time I got downstairs.

Walked to village for newspapers, home for breakfast.

Spent the day at home.

Watched some Tour de France, watched second half of England v Belgium.

In between washed some windows, did some gardening.

Went for a walk along canal from Ratcliffe Wharf northwards and got some geocaches.

Came home, got changed and did a run round block. Faster than last time and felt good when finished.

Pizza for tea.

Then watched Tv til bedtime.

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Diary – Friday 13th July 2018

Up at 6.45am. Felt tired, hard work to get out of bed. Breakfast and out at 7.45am.

Early Birds was busy for a Friday. I played a game of chess. It was raining so we were only outside for 10 minutes.

Round to vicarage to copy pewsheets then round the churches to deliver and walked back home with papers and Pluto.

Read paper.

Mopped floors downstairs.

Rain continued all morning so Pluto didn’t go any further than garden.

Lunch watching Tour de France.

Then out in car. Dropped of Pluto then drove up to Calder Vale.

Two more children in minibus and it was full. No-one at first drop-off so kept child in bus. Got shouted at on Eidsforth Lane by car driver who wouldn’t give way to me.

Got home in time to see end of TdF.

Started watching tennis and final set was 50 games.

So tea was late. Microwave meal.

Sat in snug for rest of evening. 8 out of 10 cats then Last Leg.

Bed at 11

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