Diary – Friday 16th August 2019

Woken by Naomi’s alarm at 7.30am, walked to shop, home for breakfast.

Naomi working from home again.

After reading the paper and puzzling I set about cleaning three bathrooms.

Then we went down to the village to walk Pluto. Kirstine was at home and about to take Pluto to the grooming shop so we just took home for a short walk to the church field.

Home for lunch.

Went out in the afternoon. Very heavy rain. Decided on a drive to Creamery industrial estate to look at outdoor shop. Was going to go along back lanes but Hazelhead Lane was flooded so went through Garstang. It’s a nice shop. Bought some waterproofing spray. And then on to C&C. Bought wood primer, brushes and sandpaper.

Came home, watched Tipping Point.

Went to fish and chip shop for take-away tea.

Sat in snug for evening and another early night.

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Diary – Thursday 15th August 2019

Up at 7.30am, breakfast and we left the house shortly after 8.30am.

Drove to Garstang for doctor’s appointment at 9am.

Came home, had a cup of tea and sit down to read paper and then I drove back to med centre for a blood test at 11am.

Came home for another brief sit down.

And then we walked down to village and took Pluto for a walk round block.

Lunch in kitchen.

Did some stuff on computer and then did a 10k row watching Tipping Point.

Salmon fillets for tea with fried potatoes and homegrown tomatoes. A deer appeared outside just after we had eaten.

Rest of evening in snug watching TV.

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Diary – Wednesday 14th August 2019

Slept again til 8am.

Then had a rush to get up and have breakfast before heading down to village for prayer meeting.

Only five of us but a good discussion on the reading – James 3.

Came home and read paper.

Did some housework.

There was a break in the rain so I set off to walk Pluto.

The rain started again almost as soon as I left. We walked round the block and the rain seemed to get heavier and heavier.

Home for lunch.

A bit more housework and then a 10k row watching Tipping Point.

Watched TV while waiting for Naomi.

When she arrived we had tea – pork casserole with dauphinois potatoes.

Then sat in snug, ordered tickets for Greenbelt and went to bed at 10.30pm.

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Diary – Tuesday 13th August 2019

Slept til 8am again.

Up and walked down to shop for paper, returned for breakfast in snug.

A quiet day at home with changeable weather.

Did some housework, sorted out Harris papers I had collected yesterday.

Took Pluto for a walk round block.


Spent afternoon indoors and did a 5km row watching start of Tipping Point.

Left at about. 5.15pm and drove to Heysham.

OMF meeting at Brian and Joan’s house. Left very views across the Bay. Started with food and then normal meeting from 7.30pm. Finished praying shortly after 9pm but drink and chat went on for almost another hour. And then I ferried two people back to Lancaster so didn’t get home until 2245.

Sat with a drink for a while before bed.

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Diary – Monday 12th August 2019

Woke at 6.30am and got up.

Had breakfast and then walked down to shop for paper.

Came home, threw a few things into car and set off for Middlesbrough at about 8.30am.

Road wasn’t too busy but weather over top was a bit miserable and wet.

Got to Mayberry Grove about 10.30am.

Did some tidying in front garden and on patio. Took all clothing from wardrobes and piled it up in front room.

Drove round to care home to visit Richard. Chatted and played bingo.

Drove to Redcar and along prom. Stopped on stray and walked towards Marske along beach. Turned around at stream.

And drove through Marske and up to Boosbeck.

Sat and chatted with Kathryn, Mick and John. We ended up looking at houses on street view.

Left at about 6.30pm. Headed home via Guisborough and Staindale.

It was the wrong time to be driving west – I was blinded by the setting sun.

Arrived at home shortly after 9pm.

Sat in snug with a drink and snack and did FaceTime with Naomi before bed.

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Diary – Sunday 11th August 2019

Up at 8am, breakfast.

Left house at about 9.40am and drove to Lancaster. Parking seemed busy and ended up on Moorlands.

Morning service at LBC and no duties. Good worship and good sermon on Psalm 1.

Went into town. Bought some t-shirts at Primary and had lunch at Vincenzo’s. all-day breakfast.

And headed home.

Did some work in garden. Most importantly replanted the Apple tree that had fallen over.

Went down to village at 6pm for evensong. Did the second reading. Organ recital afterwards which was a sit and listen event. But lots of chat as well.

Came home, chatted with Naomi and went to bed at 10.30pm.

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Diary – Saturday 10th August 2019

Didn’t wake up until 8am.

Walked down to shop for paper and came home for breakfast.

A day at home and not very promising weather.

Stayed at home, sat in the snug. Whenever the rain stopped I started getting ready to go home it but the rain always started again before I was out of the door.

Had omelette and homemade chips for tea.

Watched a film on Amazon.

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