Diary – Friday 21st July 2017

Up at 6.45am for the last time. Breakfast and out at 7.45am. Drove down in car. 

A wet morning. Early Birds was indoors but library was a mess so set up a table in Nicky Nook.  But no Early Bird children!! First arrived at 8.15am and there were only half a dozen by 8.30am.  

Left promptly at 8.55am and drove up to Calder Vale school for End-of-year service. I operated the PowerPoint and helped with the presentations. My first duty as a governor. 

And then back to scorton. Collected papers and drove home. 

Hardly any time before heading down to village churchfor scorton end-of-year service. Working the computer again. 

And then to vicarage for a brief photocopying session. 

Walked home via St Peters, chapel and Catholic Church. 


And then back down to village. 

School staff do at the Barn. Lots of food; really didn’t need to have eaten lunch beforehand. Sat next to Mrs H and drank lots of Pimms with her. Stayed til 4.30pm. 

Came home, watched TV. 

Naomi came home. We had pizza for tea. 

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Diary – Saturday 22nd July 2017

Slept til about 8am. 

Got up, walked down to shop for papers, came home and had breakfast in snug. 

It was soon time for our Christianity Explored course. Final session. Just Jim attending hut we had a good chat around the topic. 

Decided on an afternoon out. 

Set out in car, drove through Mardale and Trough to Dunsop Bridge. 

Lunch at Puddleducks. We both had corned beef hash pie. 

Then did a roughly square walk, east along river Hodder then South over Birkett fell and then west to Whitewell and back mostly along road. 

Drove home the last night way via Chipping. 

Got Chinese take-away for tea. Too tempting to eat too much as we wouldn’t be having it for lunch next day. 

And watched para athletics on TV. 

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Diary – Thursday 20th July 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out. 

Dark clouds looming but I started Early Birds outside. Not for long. It started raining so we headed indoors for 10 minutes. And out again at 8.30am. Boys were playing football. Mrs P and Mrs H were in the playground and just before bell Matthew got tripped and hit his head against the wall. 

Came home, read paper. Request to make CD for funeral so did it right 

And off to Lancaster. Stopped at Vicarage  to deposit CD. Anton wanted to chat so left village late. 

Up A6 and M6. 

Job club was quiet with only 3 guys. Finished shortly after 2pm. 

Drove home and sat downstairs to watch TdF. 

Pizza for tea. 

Then sat and prepped Lighthouse. 

Naomi came home at 9pm. 

Sat in snug until bedtime. 

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Diary – Wednesday 19th July 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Weather better than forecast – warm and sunny but very windy. So Early Birds was outside. Boys playing football and girls doing jumps until late on when there was a dispute between football and tennis. Ended when boys accidentally kicked ball into tree. 

From school to church for prayer meeting. 

And then walked to Garstang to collect car. 

Came home and read paper. 

Then down to village and took Pluto for a walk. Our last walk for a while. 

Home for lunch. 

Watched TdF. 

And down to village again for Jam club. Good to have Carol with us again. We had a bit of a chaotic, noisy, end-of-year party. 

Home for 5pm. Baked potato for tea. Sky was turning very dark and rain started. 

Got ready to head back to village and decided to travel by car. 

Evening in village hall for school end-of-year panto. Children did very well. 

Came home and watched TV for a couple of hours. 

1045 drove to Lancaster Uni to collect Naomi and her bike from campus after her staff award celebration party. 

So a late night. 

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Diary – Tuesday 18th July 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.30am. 

Drove down to school. 

Another fine morning so Early Birds was outside. Esme and I sat on the benches and chatted. A quiet morning once other kids arrived. 

Drove to Garstang. Left car at Garstang Road Motors which is not on Garstang Road for service and MOT. Walked home which took 45 minutes. 

Read paper, checked email. 

Took Pluto for a walk rather earlier than normal. 


Watched TdF until time to go down to school. 

Time for After School club. Only 3 children. Mrs Lund bought us ice cream and then we went to the playground for a while. Very hot and sunny. And back to school for rest of session. Esme and holly made cards while boys played. 

Walked home and watched TV til Naomi came home. 

Booths meatballs for tea. 

Watched Midsomer Murders downstairs. And a bit of 8 out of 10 cats before bed. 

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Diary – Monday 17th July 2017

Didn’t sleep ŵell but was woken by alarm hissing at 6.45am. I had remembered to set the alarm after the power cut but not set the radio station. 

Up, breakfast and out at 7.45am on a warm, sunny morning. 

First at school as usual. Esme was first at Early Birds.  Mrs H came and told us to get out the parachute and I pointed out it wouldn’t be much fun with just two of us. But we hunted round all the storage cupboards for it before anyone turned up. Kids did other stuff first but eventually a large group were playing with it. 

Came home, read paper. 

Morning spent doing two loads of washing and a brief stint in office and then walking to village to find audio cable at chapel for school and then taking out Pluto. 


Cut the grass, had a break, washed the car. 

Sandwich steak for tea with roast potatoes. 

Naomi had an evening meeting in Lancaster so I spent the evening at home watching TV, tidying the kitchen, updated village website, played some guitar. 

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Diary – Sunday 16th July 2017

Up at 8am, breakfast and some last minute checks of material for Sunday school. 

Left house at 9.30am and drove to Lancaster. 

A few minutes to prep Lighthouse, down for start of service and back with children for Lighthouse. Session went well. We talked about Sun, moon and stars and then worked on the next stage of the model. A bit of chat after service and then drove home. 


Set off to Preston. Went via M6. Parked on back street and walked through Miller and Avenham parks and then to railway station. Saw off Helen and then drove round to Docklands for an ice-cream and walk. Watched the bridge spin. 

And then drove home via Woodplumpton. 

A quiet evening at home. 

Bed at about 10pm. 

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