Diary – Sunday 17th November 2019

Up at 8am, Rob cooked breakfast and I left at 9.30am.

Dalton Sq closed for parking so left car on Moorlands and walked down to LBC.

Church service and then Lighthouse. Topic was Revelation and we ended the session with a party.

Drove home and met Naomi and parents at The Barn. My lunch was already ordered. Roast beef came with a huge Yorkshire pudding.

Rob and I went home in the car, Naomi and Hilary started walking round the block.

We had a cup of tea and then set off walking the block in the opposite direction and met at bottom of Nicky Nook and then we walked home together.

I then spent the rest of the day in the snug.

We had cheese and biscuits for tea and watched the ATP tennis final.

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Diary – Saturday 16th November 2019

Up at 8am, walked Katie to shop and back.

Rob did a cooked breakfast.

We drove to Garstang, walked round Millennium Green and back along High St.

Home for lunch.

I prepared stew for tea while Naomi and parents did sudoku puzzle

In afternoon drove to Lancaster. Parked behind railway station.

Walked up to Priory to see the Moon. Met a few friends there as well.

And drove home via motorway.

Sat in kitchen and ate tea. Stew, then choc mousse and then cheese and biscuits.

And move up to snug for rest of evening.

Went to bed some time after 10pm.

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Diary – Friday 15th November 2019

Up at 6.30am, breakfast and walked Katie before heading down to school.

Early Birds was quiet. Had a long chat with Mrs Peters about governors.

Over to village hall for Fitcamp. A slightly different circuit with two running stations and we finished with 50 squats.

Met Naomi and Katie outside, we collected Pluto and headed home. Dogs went a bit crazy running up and down stairs while I showered and changed.

Had a quick cup of tea and read of paper.

Walked Pluto back down hill and came home.

Naomi went out to do some shopping.

I had lunch.

When Naomi came back we unpacked the shopping.

Naomi left to go to Lancaster to collect parents and shortly after I drove up to Calder Vale. Drove up via Strickens Lane as there were cars across Long Lane.

First time run included a drop at Garstang Academy. Maybe that makes things easier.

Was home shortly after 4.30pm.

Naomi cooked chicken crown for tea. Sat in kitchen for most of evening.

Retired to snug for a while before bed shortly after 10pm.

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Diary – Thursday 14th November 2019

Up at 6.30am, breakfast and out at 7.40am.

No rush at Early Birds but normal numbers by end.

Mrs H asked me to do minibus driving.

A brisk walk home and a brief sit in kitchen before heading out.

Drove to Calder Vale and waited just a few minutes before older class were ready and we boarded minibus and I drove down to Scorton.

Deposited children and drove minibus home.

Took Katie and we walked down to village and took Pluto for usual walk round block.

When we got home I had just ten minutes or so before leaving in minibus again.

Drove back to Calder Vale in minibus, stuck behind a large lorry most of the way moving very slowly. Changed to car and drove home.

David the plumber arrived shortly after me and while I had lunch he started work on central heating.

At 3pm I left for school leaving David and mate working on swapping a radiator.

Film night at after-school club. We watched Toy Story 4. 20 kids. Film finished while we still had some kids so we started watching the Spanish version. Left at 5.45pm with two teacher kids waiting for staff training to end.

Drove down to Garstang for shopping. Aldi and Booths. And drove home.

Naomi arrived hone just before tea was ready. Liver risotto.

Evening in snug and an early night in a warm bedroom.

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Diary – Wednesday 13th November 2019

Up at 6.30am, breakfast and then took Katie out in the morning gloom.

Drove down to school. There was a rush of kids at 8am but only a dozen by the end of Early Birds.

Drove up to Calder Vale. My first ever visit to a lesson as a governor. It was an English lesson. Was hoping to sit in worship as well but Mrs H wanted to chat.

Drove home and arrived at same time as David our plumber. Had a chat about jobs that needed doing and he had a quick look and agreed to come back on Friday.

Sat and read paper briefly and then walked down to village and took Pluto round the block.


And down to village for after-school club. A very quiet session, started with seven and we had an early finish at 5pm.

Came home and took Katie for a walk to bottom to of Nicky Nook and back.

Microwave meal for tea.

And off to Lancaster for connect group meeting. Just five of us, a study on knowing God’s will for our lives.

Came home, sat in snug, did FaceTime with Naomi.

Bed at 11pm.

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Diary – Tuesday 12th November 2019

Up at 6.30am, breakfast and out at 7.25am.

Early Birds was busy! 16 on register.

Came home in a rush. But no sign of plumber.

Pottered around as usual.

Down to village to walk Pluto.

Drove to Thorpey’s for 12.30. Lunch with Emilian and a few other guys.

Home for 2pm, sat with Katie and then took her for a short walk

And back to school for after-school club. Low numbers again and we finished a few minutes late.

Fried egg and beans on toast for tea, a quick walk with Katie and out again.

Drove to Lancaster for OMF meeting. Just six of us. Finished at 9.30pm and drove home.

Quick FaceTime with Naomi and then bed.

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Diary – Monday 11th November 2019

Up at 6.30am, breakfast and out at 7.25am.

First to school and a very quiet Early Birds session.

Came home, took Katie for a walk, came back and read paper. Went wrong on two puzzles.

Laundry, email etc.

Walked down to village and took Pluto round block.

And home for an early lunch.

Drove up to Calder Vale and did RE lesson. Repeated the questions from Scorton and took other questions from CV kids but a lot of them were factual that they could find on google. Spent about an hour there.

Drove back home, sat and had a cup of tea.

And down to school for after-school club. LEGO club with seven kids. Finished on time.

Came home, took Katie for a walk.

Microwave curry for tea.

Then spent a while moving stuff around ready for plumber in morning.

Spent some time in office, played guitar.

Bed at 11pm.

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