Diary – Thursday 18th January 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am.

On my own at Early Birds. Not many children even at 8.30am when we went outside.

Came home, read paper.

There didn’t seem to be much time before I was out again.

Drove down to village to take Pluto for a walk. Kirstine was at home again with a sick Brodie. She was surprised at how excited Pluto was to see me. We went along the Millennium way.

While walking I remembered about the two Job Club computers I had brought home so when I took Pluto home I had to drive back home, collect the computers and then head off to Lancaster.

Still arrived at Ridge on time. A quiet Job Club. The new person from last week didn’t come back so it was our usual four clients.

Job club finished at 3pm and I stayed to help with Jam club. A bit of a crazy session with Laurence. Only six kids and we threw out three of them. Did a wordsearch, talked about blind Bartaemaus and then played French cricket. Laurence lost the key and it took us half an hour to find it.

Set off for home down motorway but got to roundabout at Galgate and A6 south was closed. Should have gone back to motorway down to services but did the legal route back to Galgate and the Stony Lane. Took ages to get to crossroads at Galgate.

We went to Booths for a quick shop to get something for tea and other stuff.

Came home, made up sauce with onion, pepper and tin of tomatoes to go with ravioli.

Sat in snug for rest of evening.

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Diary – Wednesday 17th January 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am. It was already light!!

Quiet at Early Birds. Told of lots of children being ill. I dragged them out at 8.30am.

To church for prayer meeting.

And then took Pluto out for a walk round block. Kirstine was at home which took me by surprise. We spent a long time in the field playing fetch.

Came home, sat and read paper.

Up to office, read email, did a bit more GDPR course.

Did a row. Fastest 10km since Dec 2016.


A bit more GDPR before heading down to school for after-school. Which is when I was reminded about governor training at 6pm.

ASC had nine kids. We played outside for a while. Indoors the kids got a bit over-excited. Last ones left at 5.30pm.

Quite a lot of governors around for training. I sat with Liz O and Becky H and did a module on performance data. No time to do any more.

Walked up hill with Jamie, nice guy. Then we got in car with Naomi and drove to Lancaster.

Naomi dropped me off at Clive and Ruth’s for connect group. Missing Shona and Marie. Bit of a funny study and hearing God’s word. Naomi was back for shortly after 9.30pm.

Drove home and sat in snug for half an hour.

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Diary – Tuesday 16th January 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out. Cold, but getting light.

Nice and quiet at Early Birds. Had to delay going outside cos of rain.

Came home, read paper, tidied kitchen.

Went to office and tidied inbox and did a bit more of GDPR course.

Went back down to village and took Pluto for a walk along Millennium way.

Came home and did an interval row.


Back down t village for after-school club. Only 4 children. Last one was collected at 5pm so I had an early finish.

Came home and watched Pointless.

Cooked chicken and veg for tea.

Then back down to village for church DCC meeting. A long one, but quite productive and positive.

Walked home in snow.

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Diary – Monday 15th January 2018


Back to work 😦

Alarm at 6.45am and got up. Hadn’t slept well, thought I was going down with something.

Breakfast and out at 7.30am.

Quiet at Early Birds club and no monitoring. 🙂 We went out at 8.30am

Picked up papers and headed home. Dumped my new -style Guardian on table and just had 5 minutes before heading out again.

Drove down to village the long way – via Higher Lane and Titherbarn Lane – as road repairs were being done on our lane. Collected Anton and we headed down to Salmesbury for Lancashire Sings Christmas meeting with Joe and Ray. A good chat over a cup of tea. Finished at 11am and we came straight back.

I dropped off Anton and then took Pluto for a walk along Millennium Way.

Came home, sorted laundry and had lunch.

Then drove back down to Anton and took him to Kenlis Arms to collect car.

On way back stopped at health centre for prescription and then a quick shop at Aldi.

Came home, had a drink and did a rowing session watching Pointless.

Naomi came home, I made tea for myself.

Looked at first few parts of new course on GDPR before settling down in snug.




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Diary – Sunday 14th January 2018

A good sleep, didn’t get up until 8.30am. Breakfast and left house at 9.30am. Had to scrape frost off car windows.

Drove to Lancaster, parked off Dalton Sq.

so nice and early at LBC but nothing to do!! So chatted to several people.

Waiting for Mrs Woodhouse, but she must have got there after service started. A good service and good sermon; first of a series on Esther. Afterwards chatted to Helen and kids in Lighthouse then came down and introduced her to Emilian and other people.

While I was a church Naomi had cycled to Morecambe. So I walked to Millennium Bridge to meet her then we went to The Borough for lunch. Good old Sunday roast!

Drove home and sat in snug doing prep for evensong. Took most of afternoon.

Then we walked down to church.

Oh dear, only nine in congregation for evensong. Felt less formal than usual. And drinks and chat afterwards.

And a walk home.

Evening in snug before bed.

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Diary – Saturday 13th January 2018

Woken by alarm at 6.45am. Don’t like getting up so early on a Saturday.

Drove down to village for 7.30am, was there before shop opened. Collected papers, drove back up hill wth Tony’s Torygraph and then back down hill and drove to Lancaster.

Parked on Moorlands and walked down to LBC for men’s prayer breakfast. Pancakes. Finished about 9.45am, walked back to car and drove home.

Sat and read paper, did washing up then did a 10km row. Was very hard work. Why? About 48 minutes.

Naomi was back by time I had showered.

We had lunch.

Then we walked down to village.

Safeguarding training at St Peters. Lasted about an hour and half and lots of chat afterwards. Walked home round the block.

Sat in snug doing puzzles for a while.

Had tea.

Played on Xbox in evening.

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Diary – Friday 12th January 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am.

Very quiet at Early Birds. Children only arrived after 8.15am, but I did have to deal with two visitors.

Came home, read paper, tidied kitchen, spent a while in office.

Walked back down to village and took Pluto for walk round block. Spent longer than usual playing fetch sticks in field.

Came home and had lunch. Sat in snug and very nearly fell asleep.

Off to Calder Vale school. Had a bit of a chat with Mrs H before assembly.

Minibus run started a bit late.

Came home and watched last part of Tipping Point.

A night in at last after 4 nights out.

Got fish and chips for my tea.

Played a bit of Quiddler.

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