Diary – Saturday 18th May 2019

Up at about 8am, walked to shop and home for breakfast.

Plumber came round a bit after 10am and we talked about replacing two bathrooms. He likes our house a lot. That took about an hour.

Then we jumped into car and drove to Lancaster and Ann and Dave’s house. We were looking after their two boys. We played a game for a bit while Dave prepared some lunch.

After we had eaten we left the house and walked over to the Dukes. We were there to watch the LEGO movie 2. It was so exciting I dozed for the first half-hour.

When it was over we went for a walk along the Quay including a brief visit to the Maritime Museum.

As we headed back across Quay Meadows we started a game of tig which lasted most of the way back to the house. We stopped at an ice cream shop on King street.

Left the boys with Dave and we drove home.

I did a bit of gardening and then came indoors and caught last 15 minutes of Cup Final.

Naomi cooked tea and then we settled down in the end lounge to watch Eurovision.

We were in bed for the end of the voting.

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Diary – Friday 17th May 2019

Up at 6.40am, breakfast and out at 7.40am.

A quiet Early Birds, just like it used to be on a Friday.

Made a hasty exit at 9am and headed home.

No time for a drink or read of paper. Grabbed bike, made a sandwich and got things sorted. Oh, didn’t quite take as long as I thought.

Cycled down to school. That only takes a minute.

Helping with Bikeability. I was asked to attend to especially look after our diabetic pupil. We had a two-hour morning session with a short play-time. My group trained on the ball court.

We finished shortly after 12. I pushed bike round to Pluto’s house and walked him back to the house.

We walked to the bench in the woods and sat there while I ate lunch. Then walked back to the house for a few minutes.

Loaded bike and dog into car and drove over down to village, parked on The Square.

Walked Pluto home, back to car, took bike and headed back to school for 1.30pm.

The afternoon bike session was on the road. Up and down Church Drive and then along Station Lane. Finished on time by 3pm.

Put bike back into car and then drove up to Calder Vale school. Arrived in good time.

Had a chat with mums in playground. And then did the minibus run.

Home in time to watch last part of Tipping Point.

I think I had a nap while Pointless was on.

A quick shopping trip to Aldi at Garstang. Most important requirement was compost. Bought some food as well.

Came home, had tea, tended to potato plants.

Spent evening in snug.

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Diary – Thursday 16th May 2019

Upat 6.40am, breakfast and out at 7.40am.

Early Birds was OK. Mrs H showed her face and kids were much quieter.

Came home and got ready for meeting.

OTB prep meeting started at about 10am. Just six of us. All sorted after just 45 minutes and they all went.

I did a few jobs around the place. Planted some spinach and beetroot seeds.

Down to village to walk Pluto.

Lunch and chat with Naomi.

And down to school for after-school club. Outside again for the whole session.

came home, had a quick microwave tea.

Off to Lancaster for LBC members’ meeting. started at 7.30pm and finished by 9pm. Stayed for a bit of chat and then drove home.

While I was out there had been a powercut. Not usually a problem, but I had set off the breadmaker before I went out. Looked like it had stopped during rising, so I put dough in a loaf tin and put it in oven. Looked like bread when it came out after 30 minutes.

Had a beer, chatted with Naomi before bed.

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Diary – Wednesday 15th May 2019

Up at 6.40am, breakfast and out at 7.30am.

In a change to usual routine I drove down to school.

Did Early Birds which was much quieter than Tuesday. A lot less children and no silliness.

Left and drove up to Calder Vale school. Put my metaphorical governor’s hat on and did SATs moderation. First off was a 1/2 hour arithmetic test. I read a copy of the paper and could do most of it in my head. Then we had half an hour play time in the forest. It was nice chatting to staff. Then a second test on mathematical reasoning. Teacher gave me a paper and pencil and I did the test. One question I couldn’t answer at all. Finished about 1130.

Drove back to Scorton, took Pluto for a walk and then drove home for lunch.

And then walked back down to the village for after-school club. Football was not on the menu after yesterday’s events. A lot of play in the nature area. Finished and walked home.

Connect group was cancelled so I had an evening at home. Cooked some tea, chatted with Naomi, set things up for OTB meeting in the morning, watched some TV. Funny how quickly an evening can go.

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Diary – Tuesday 14th May 2019

Up at 6.40am and feeling a bit achy from yesterday.

Early Birds got a bit crazy. 21 kids on register by 8.20am and I was feeling like I wasn’t in control. A few interventions from Mr Chaffe but I was glad to get away from school!!!

David the plumber came round and serviced the boiler and then we talked about a couple of other jobs. That took an hour or so.

A bit of email catch-up and then walked down to village to walk Pluto.

And home for lunch.

And back to school for after-school club. I had boys punching on the ball court. Not nice. Mr Chaffe dealt with that as well. Otherwise a nice afternoon out on the playground until 6pm.

Walked home, had ea and then out in car.

OMF meeting. Took it in turns to read a letter and then prayed. Didnt finish reading until gone 9pm and then stopped for a drink and chat so didn’t get home until gone 10pm.

A quick facetime with Naomi before heading to bed late.

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Diary – Monday 13th May 2019

Back to work…

Up at 6.40am, breakfast and out at 7.25am.

Everyone was quite calm at Early Birds, not sure why.

Came home, had a quick read of paper.

Getting ready for a rowing session took a while. Set up a FaceTime chat with father-in-law, got some music playing and then ready to row at about 10.15.

Rowed 21097 metres in 1:44. Last 3km was very hard work and a bit painful.

Showered and then walked to village to walk Pluto.

And home for lunch.

And then down to school for after-school club. We were outside with older ones, just four. They all left by 4.30pm and then we had six younger ones til end of session.

Came home and had an evening at home. Feeling a bit tired, salmon for tea, ironed laundry, watched TV, FaceTime with Naomi and bed.

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Diary – Sunday 12th May 2019

Up at 8am, breakfast and left house at 9.30am to drive to Lancaster. Parked off Dalton Sq and then to LBC to do Lighthouse prep.

Down to sanctuary in good time for start of service and welcomed Mrs Hesketh. We were in service for much longer than usual before heading out with kids.

I led a game before we split into groups to learn about Moses and the Ten Commandments. Went well.

At end of service had a cup of tea before heading home.

Picked up Naomi walking along Long Lane and then went to Daisy Clough for lunch.

Bit of a long wait for food but it was nice when it came.

And then headed home.

A nice afternoon which we spent gardening. And then played badminton.

Walked down to village together and I went to church for evensong. Music afterwards from young people was really good. Headed home at about 8.30pm.

Sat in snug, did FaceTime with Naomi and went to bed.

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