Diary – Saturday 15th June 2019

A late start. Didn’t wake up until after 8am and stayed in bed dozing til 9.30am.

Breakfast in bed and then we walked down to village and back for newspaper.

Naomi made scrambled eggs for lunch.

Drove to Garstang. Walked a loop along river and canal.

Drove up to Wallings for an ice cream.

Came one and Tended potatoes on lawn and then walked round woodland.

Spent evening in snug. Leftover beef stew for tea.

Bed at 11pm.

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Diary – Friday 14th June 2019

Up at 6.40am – back to normality. Breakfast and out at 7.40am.

Early Birds was generally OK but I shouted when a kid threw a book across the library.

Came home, read paper. A quiet day at home with no workmen

Got things together and went to gym. Row, weights and treadmill.

Came home, showered and took Pluto for a walk.

Lunch and then off to Calder Vale.

Minibus run was OK.

Came home, watched Tipping Point.

Dan came to check floor and was here just as Naomi came home.

Chicken casserole for tea.

And a walk round the block.

Watched some TV before bed.

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Diary – Thursday 13th June 2019

Alarm went at 6pm and I was fast asleep.

An early start due to imminent kitchen delivery.

Got email with tracking info as promised and watched van progress from Bury as I had breakfast.

They arrived at about 7.40am and I helped them unload units from van into downstairs lounge.

Then jumped in car and drove rather quickly down to school for 8.20am and supervised rest of time of Early Birds. It was amusing to see children from Borwick Hall trip arriving very tired.

Grabbed paper and drove home.

Plasterers busy in kitchen.

Got email to say flooring was going to be delivered so got a bit anxious not to miss them.

Did some work on computer.

Drove down to village and took Pluto round the block, despite the rain.

Plasterers finish d before I had lunch.

Shortly after got a call from van driver and he arrived at about 2.30pm with kitchen flooring. Left it in garage.

Walked down to school for after-school club. Only 14 kids, I think and several only wanted to sit and watch a film.

I left at 4.20pm for governors meeting. Started with the Calder a Vale meeting which didn’t do much other than review the meeting where we agreed the budget then in the joint meeting I had to rehash my report on the National Endowment Fund. Joint meeting only took 1/4 hour.

Headed home.

Microwave curry for tea with a salad starter and yoghurt dessert.

And a quiet evening in snug. Made a fire to keep warm.

Bed a bit later than I should at 11pm.

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Diary – Wednesday 12th June 2019

Woken by alarm at 6.50am, up, showered, packed and stripped bed before getting boys out of bed.

Breakfast at 8am was spaghetti hoops on toast / cereal / toast and jam.

Then we had some time to pack and tidy rooms, most of which we had already done.

And then we met downstairs.

Eventually went out to tower climb. A tree with 3 platforms for kids to climb up. Most got to top, one or two only to bottom level. Took us to midday.

A bit of spare time so trainer walked round hall telling ghost stories.

Lunch was sausage roll with sliced cheese and salad.

Then it was time to get on coach and head home.

Arrived at Scorton just after 2pm.

Mrs Hesketh took bags off me so I could walk straight home rather than go into school.

Plasterers busy in kitchen but it looked so much better.

Sat upstairs and had a cup of tea.

Took delivery of cooker hood and splashback.

Plasterers left at 4pm and I had a bath.

Pasta for tea.

Dan the screed man came to inspect kitchen at 7pm and as soon as he was done I left for Connect group meeting.

We started a new series on Ezekiel. Finished at about 9.20pm and drove home.

Sat in snug, did FaceTime with nAomi and went to bed at 10.30pm

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Diary – Monday 10th June 2019

Up at 6am to give myself time for getting ready to go away. Breakfast, some last minute packing, sorting and left at 7.20am.

Thought pulling a suitcase would slow me down but it didn’t much. Grabbed newspaper and headed to school.

No one at Early Birds until 8am and even then quiet.

At end walked home and had a quick chat with builders and headed back to school.

Finally left about 9.50pm on coach and headed to up Borwick.

At hall we had a quick chat from staff then Mrs H took us on a walk down canal to River Kerr where we stopped for lunch and then back along a lane.

Kids had some team building exercises to do which were fun to watch.

Tea was pizza and chips.

We had some free time on playing field.

Started bedtime routine at about 8.30pm.

Tried to get boys into bed at 9am and then lights out at 9.30pm.

I sat outside the rooms til 10.30pm when it was fairly quiet.

Had a short phone chat with Naomi before bed at 11pm.

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Diary – Tuesday 11th June 2019

Boys were up and running along corridor before 5.30am. They were queuing for the shower at 6am before being told to stay in rooms until 7.45am. I had a shower at about 7am.

Breakfast was beans on toast at 8am.

Morning activity was the low ropes course. I was busy taking photos on the iPad.

Lunch was fish finger wraps.

Afternoon activity was canoeing. I chose to walk along towpath and take photos. Good decision as I was dealing with calls about delivery of cooker.

Tea was pasta with mince and garlic bread.

Heavy rain but we sent our kids on a game to find orienteering posts but stopped short cos kids were very wet.

Made them hot chocolate, played a game and sent them to bed at 8.45pm.

Then lights out at 9.45pm or so.

Spoke to Naomi on phone and bed at 10.30pm

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Diary – Sunday 9th June 2019

Up at 8am, feeling a bit groggy after last night.

Left at about 9.40am to drive to Lancaster.

Morning service at LBC. Emilian did a sermon without any preparation. Chatted to a few people afterwards before leaving.

Naomi sent txt suggesting we watched cycle race. Took a while to find her on Chipping Rd and I missed the race. Then we drove up to Dolphinholme and we saw them in the next lap.

Then we headed home.

I made meatballs for lunch.

Spent a while in garden.

We walked down to village. I was on way to evensong.

Bit of a sad service with no vicar and only a dozen people in congregation.

Unusually I Came home almost straight at end of service.

Spent evening trying to pack for school residential and tidying house for kitchen fitters.

Bed at 11pm.

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