Diary – Tuesday 19th June 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast in kitchen and out at 7.30am.

Managed to contain Early Birds in library for most of the session. Had issues with children making “tattoos”.

Came home, read paper. Tidied inbox.

Hoovered and mopped.

Back down to village and took Pluto for a walk round block.

Naomi came home at lunchtime.

Just time to do some duolingo before heading back to school for after school club.

Started as a busy session but numbers dropped quickly. Stayed outside the whole session anyway.

Naomi beat me home. We went out for a walk round block.

I cooked beef steaks for tea.

Sat in snug for rest of evening.

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Diary – Monday 18th June 2018

Up at 6.45am after a fairly good sleep. Pluto was in my bedroom when I woke up.

Breakfast and out at 7.30am.

Early Birds with Lexi and Holly was hard work.

Picked up papers and headed home.

Read paper then sorted washing and cleaned carpet.

Took Pluto for our last climb of Nicky Nook.

Back home to hang out washing.


Took Pluto for a walk round garden.

Then we packed his stuff into car.

Took Pluto home and then to school for after school club.

Greeted with the words “Oh, I’ve never been so glad to see you”.

Ten kids at start of after school club. Outside for full session numbers fell rapidly but still only finished at 5.45pm.

Drove to Capernwray. NISCU encouragement evening. Only eighteen or so. Didn’t think So many would stay away to watch football. Curry and chocolate cake for tea. Felt very full. ChAtted and prayed with nice group. Finished at 9pm and drove home.

Sat in snug with a drink til bedtime.

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Diary – Sunday 17th June 2018

A better night with Pluto sleeping in my room.

Got up at 8am and had breakfast but not enough time for a morning walk.

Left at 9.30am to drive to Lancaster. Arrived in good time to prep Lighthouse.

Enjoyed first part of service and then out with kids. We had a long group session to cover two parts of Joshua’s story. I read the story of crossing the Jordan and then we acted out the falling of the walls of Jericho. Girls loved it. And then we made baskets from a sheet of paper with daily reminders of God.

Popped into town and bought meal deal lunch from M&S and then headed home.

Only took 20 mins to cook chicken and chips.

We went out. drove to Pilling and walked along sea wall to Knott End, bought ice creams and then walked back. And drove home.

In time for start of Germany game. Watched game and did some duolingo.

At end of game Naomi left for church, I took Pluto for walk up Nicky Nook. It was wet and windy. 46 mins there and back.

And then watched Brazil v Switzerland.

And then watched Poldark.

And not long after bedtime.

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Diary – Saturday 16th June 2018

A disturbed night. Pluto. Ride several times through the night. I went down at 6am and tried to sleep in the lounge with Pluto til 8am.

Got up, took Pluto for a walk down to village and back with papers.

Breakfast in snug and read paper.

Late morning we walked down to village where Naomi had left car and drove to Garstang.

Went for a walk round Millennium Green and over to canal and then back to car.

Came home and had lunch.

I settled down in snug with World Cup football.

Naomi took Pluto for another walk up Nicky Nook.

Disappointed to find only one traction engine outside Priory.

Tea from chippy.

Did lots of duolingo while watching more football over the evening.

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Diary – Friday 15th June 2018

Naomi was up very early and left the house at 6.15am. I was out of bed by then, surprised Pluto and had breakfast. It was still very early so took Pluto for a walk and we went up Nicky Nook as far as the steps.

Then remembered Tony’s newspaper and drove down to village. Shop was a bit late opening. Drove home and it was Already time to head to school.

EArly Birds was quiet as always on a Friday but I did hVe two children from 8 am. We were trying to learn some French.

Picked up by Ruth and Dennis and we heDed up to Calder Vale for Open The Book. ChAtted to secretary for a while, sorted ourselves out in classroom and then did our performance. My first time as narrator. It seemed to go well.

Drove back to Scorton and stopped at Ruth and Dennis’ house for a drink and chat.

And then to St Peters for their OTB assembly. It was. Bit strNge speaking from the pulpit.

Walked home. Let Pluto out for. Play on lawn


Took Pluto for a walk. We made it to the top of Nicky Nook and back in 45 minutes.

Had time for a quick drink before leaving and heading up to Calder Vale.

Minibus run was OK and finished early.

Stopped at vicarage to do copying but Anton was busy. So came home for half an hour.

Drove back down to vicarage, did copying and walked round churches. Spotted traction engines outside The Priory.

and drove home.

After a while Pluto and I left and walked down to Priory.

ChAtted with our plumber for a while before Naomi arrived. Then we ordered food. I had a burger with blue cheese.

We took a long walk home via Tithebarn Lane and the woods.

Sat in snug for rest of evening.

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Diary – Thursday 14th June 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am.

Found a supply teacher waiting at school, showed him to his classroom and then got ready for Early Birds. A nice session. Everyone was busy making chatter boxes.

Collected Pluto and came home.

Read paper and then spent rest of morning preparing papers for governors’ meeting.

Went for a walk round woodland after hearing a big crack but nothing fallen.

Took Pluto for a walk and then had lunch.

A novelty for a Thursday – I went down to school for after-school club and agreed with secretary to do more hours for the next two weeks. ASC was easy. Played outside, had snack, made cards. I left at 5.15pm

Up to Calder Vale for governors’ meeting. Joint session with reports from children about London trip. Didn’t end until 8pm.

Drove home.

Naomi had a pizza ready for me. Pluto was very pleased to see me.

Sat in snug for rest of evening.

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Diary – Wednesday 13th June 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am.

Just about enough time to set up for Early Birds. Kids all arriving in PE kit but it was a quiet session.

From school to church for prayer meeting without the vicar.

Picked up papers and headed home.

Read paper, just a bit of time in office looking at papers for governors.

Walked down to village and took Pluto round block.

Home for an early lunch.

And back down to village again. School sports day. Had a chat with other staff beforehand. I had job of spotting winner of all races. Sixty of them. Went ok.

Walked back to school with children. Then asked to do after-school club which meant going back down to playing field for an hour. Then back to school and Mrs Lund and I had one child to supervise. I played chess and then Simon Says game.

Came home, followed by Naomi.

I cooked pork medallions for tea.

Then we were out to Lancaster for the evening. My connect group met at the Boot & Shoe and had a good chat over a drink. Naomi collected me at 9.30pm and we headed home.

It’s raining for the first time in several weeks.

Did a bit of housework because of Pluto coming and then sat in snug for a while,before bed.

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