Diary – Sunday 10th December 2017

Up at 7.30am. Rob was well enough to cook breakfast then I was out.

Walked down to village where we left the car yesterday in case of bad weather (which didnt happen).

Drove to Lancaster. Got a parking space right outside LBC. Time for our nativity but in the end there wasnt anything for me to help with beforehand. Service went OK despite a few hiccups. Chatted afterwards and then headed home.

Roast chicken for lunch.

Naomi and Hilary went out for a walk again. Rob snoozed. I found things to do. Was going to play with my Pi, but it needed 60+ updates.

Naomi went down to church choir practice.

A bit later I drove down in car with Rob and parked on Square.

Carol service at St Peter’s. Church was quite full. Started at 7pm and went on about 1 1/2 hours; a bit too long. Mulled wine and mince pies afterwards.

Then made our way home.

Bed at about 10.30pm.


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Diary – Saturday 9th December 2017

Disturbed through night by noise made by in-laws downstairs but did go back to sleep.

Woke with a start at 7.30am; time to get up.

Walked down to village for papers. Walked back up hill chatting with Mrs H.

Rob and I left in car and drove to Lancaster. Men’s breakfast and Countrystyle Kitchen. We both opted for a small breakfast which was quite adequate. Quite a good turnout – about 30. Started snowing quite heavily as we finished so we made a hasty exit.

It was only a short shower.

Naomi and Hilary were out walking so we went to meet them and returned home.

Rob and I had a quiet afternoon at home; he was going down rapidly with a cold. I did some work in office. Naomi and her mum went out walking again.

Naomi made pasta and sauce for tea.

Evening in snug and cheese and biscuits later.


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Diary – Friday 8th December 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am.

Very quiet at Early Birds. By myself until 8.20am. Went outside when 3 kids turned up. They set to scraping ice but not very well and I think Mrs H was cross when she came out.

Walked round to vicarage but Anton out and Sue said he hadn’t done pewsheet.

So took Pluto for a Walk along Millennium way.

Came home, short spell in office.

Talked to insurance company.

Did a 5km row.


Off to Calder Vale. I was a bit wary on road but all ice had melted. Got locked out of worship time at school. 5 kids on bus but had to do full length of run.

Got home in time to watch last part of Tipping Point. A repeat that I remember watching previously.

Drove to uni campus, collected Naomi and we drove to Lancaster and the train station.

Met her parents and headed back home.

5 minutes a home and then walked down to village.

Churches’ Christmas meal at the Priory. I had pate, turkey and Christmas pud.

Home for about 9.30pm and sat in snug until bedtime.

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Diary – Thursday 7th December 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am.

Early Birds started with a rush at 8am. Went out at 8.30am.

Took Pluto for an early walk along Millennium way.

Came home, read paper, spent a while in office.

Then off to Lancaster via M6.

Job club on Ridge. Just three guys. Not much job searching.

Drove back along M6 and then went shopping at Booths in Garstang.

Headed home via Daisy Clough. Stopped for a tea to watch school Christmas choir. They did very well.

Came home.

Took an age to carry shopping to kitchen and bring in laundry from line.

Tried an Aldi stir-fry for tea. Tasty but a small portion. Maybe we normally eat too much?

We walked down to village. Naomi left me to attend Bikes and Barrows committee meeting I had to report on web page progress. Well, not much. New pages should be in place early 2018. A long meeting, rather repetitive. Finished at 9.30pm.

Came home, sat in snug for a while before bed.

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Diary – Wednesday 6th December 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast in lounge and out at 7.45am.

Early Birds went ok.

Then to church for prayer meeting. A good chat about gospel reading.

Then took Pluto for walk round block.

And home.

Quick read of paper.

Found a video for Jam club and did final prep.

Did a 5km row.


And off to jam club.

Had t fit around ladies’ lunch meeting at chapel which made setting up a bit slow but it was OK in the end.

Had a dozen kids and it went quite well. And managed to finish and tidy up in good time.

Baked potato for tea.

Drove to Lancaster. Parked off Dalton Sq.

Guitar lesson was good. We played Silent night in lots of different ways. Sad to hear my guitar teacher is stopping at Christmas 😦

Then on to connect group. No Bible study; we cut out angels from paper plates and then ended with prayer.

Finished at 9.30pm and headed home.

A short sit in snug before bed.

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Diary – Tuesday 5th December 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.30am.

A strange dark morning.

Quiet at Early Birds. It was the older ones causing trouble before we went out.

Went to chapel and helped Ruth and Den with projector. Then home.

Read paper, up to office. Planned Jam club.

Walked down to village to walk Pluto. Got to Square and realised I had forgotten house key so had to walk home again. We eventually did our walk round the block.

Home for lunch.

More time upstairs, played some guitar.

Down to school for after-school club. Making Christmas logs and other activities. A bit of a late finish.

Chicken for tea.

Naomi was out for the evening.

Did some guitar.

Did a 5km row. Not quite as fast as the other day.

Rest of evening in snug.

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Diary – Monday 4th December

Up at 6.45am after a very restless night.

Breakfast in kitchen and out at 7.30am.

Esme was only child at Early Birds for almost half an hour. Mrs H came in when there were a few more and gave out finger puppets for colouring. Very heavy drizzle so we only went out for 5 minutes.

Came home, read paper. Laundry, kitchen tidy.

Did a shopping trip to Bradshaw’s and Aldi.

Back to village and took Pluto for walk along Millennium Way.

Came home, dealt with laundry and had lunch.

Did a 5km row in the afternoon and kept up a good pace most of the time. Still noticeably slower than a year ago.

Had tea and was about ready to go out when Naomi came home from work.

Drove to Lancaster for LBC deacons’ meeting. Started at 7.30pm and went on until 10pm. Then after-meeting conversation went on for another 30 minutes.

Came home, had a nip of whisky and went to bed. Zzz.



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