Diary – Friday 23rd June 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

A wet morning. Early Birds indoors. Very quiet. Played chess with Roman from 8am and only two more children before 8.30am. 

Then round to vicarage. Copied pewsheets then fixed Anton’s onedrive on 2 PCs. Walked home via chapel and Catholic Church to deliver pewsheets. 

Got home to find car on drive. Ha ha. Naomi hasn’t gone to work. 

A quiet day at home. I spent the morning between the snug and my office. 

Late morning Naomi went out to Garstang. 

I Took Pluto for a walk. Thankfully the rain had stopped 

Came home and made my lunch. 

Was getting ready to go out when someone phoned abrout Jag. agreed he would come round at 5pm.  

And drove up t Calder Vale for minibus drive. 

Came home and checked car started. Then waited. Another no-show :-(. 

Pizza for tea. 

Went for a walk round the block. 

Watched TV before bed. 

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Diary – Thursday 22nd June 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am.

It was misty at home but clear in the village. Early Birds started outside but it started raining within five minutes so we went in to the library. Not many children. Everyone wanting to play chess. 

Came home . Read paper. 

Tidied kitchen, did some IT support.

Phone. All from guy wanting to buy Jag.  So a quick check-up on car. Ha ha, battery flat so had to rush round to find charger and connect it up. 

Time to head to Lancaster and Ridge for Job Club. Usual clients and a new lady who wanted to print  a document. Kevin turned up to check TVs which didn’t work and then he chatted to me for ages. Finished at 2.50pm and headed home. 

Another check on car and it started ok. Left it running for 20 minutes. 

Guy was supposed to be here at 4.30pm. I did a few jobs around the drive and garage but got bored by 6.30pm. Sent home a txt but no reply. 

Liver and mash for tea. 

Sent draft pewsheet to Anton. 

Evening in snug with farmers working in field opposite. 

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Diary – Wednesday 21st June 2017

Woken at 5.30am by farmer in field. Dozed until alarm at 6.45am. 

Up, breakfast and out at 7.45am. 

Skies were black and rain started as I walked down. 

Rain only got heavy once I w in school. So Early Birds started indoors. Thunder, lightning and heavy rain for twenty minutes. Not many children at all. Rain stopped and we went outside at 8.30am. A quiet session. 

Parish prayer meeting in vestry. 

And home. Quick read of paper then a session in office to prepare Jam club. 

Walk down to village and take Pluto for a walk. 

And back home for lunch. 

A bit more time in office. 

Down to village again. Coll ted doughnuts from shop and then to school for jam club. 

Just me and Kate, in Nicky Nook. Most of my preparation was wasted as the big screen wasn’t working. We got by with lots of songs and talking about John the Baptist. And made dove mobiles. 

Came home.  

BKed potatoes with beans and salad for tea. 

Guitar lesson cancelled – there was a long power cut in Lancaster – so Naomi gave me a lift to Clive and Ruth’s for Connect group. 

A good chat about last Sunday’s sermons and then prayer time. 

Finished at about 9.25pm and started to walk along A6. Didn’t even get to Collingham Park before Naomi stopped to pick me up. 

Got home and sat in snug until bed

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Diary – Tuesday 20th June 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.30am. 

Mrs H beat me to school. 

Early Birds was outside. Older kids playing a game to hide themselves and bags so late arrivals didn’t know they were at school. Got them in trouble at bell time. 

Came home. House very warm. Struggled to concentrate on anything. So didn’t do Jam club prep or much guitar practice. 

Back down to village to take Pluto for a walk. 

And back home for lunch. 

A bit of time at home and then down to school for After School club. Outdoors for the whole time. Only 6 children. Evie organised a treasure hunt. 

Home for 6pm. 

Forgot to get anything out of freezer so it was frozen chicken pieces for tea. 

Hung around indoors for the evening. 

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Diary – Monday 19th June 2017

I got up at 6.45am but Naomi and her parents were up before me so I had the house to myself. Breakfast and out at 7.30am. 

Early Birds was OK. Sat with Esme in playground for 20 minutes and she chatted away. The heat seemed to calm everyone down. 

Came home and read paper. 

Monday morning means village Bible study group. We read several days notes without any reference to our Bibles  finished at noon. 

Walked down to village to walk Pluto but couldn’t open door so came straight home. 


A quiet afternoon. Extremely hot. Stayed indoors. Spent a long time tidying downloads folder on PC; how exciting!!

Watched Tipping Point. 

Another walk to village to put Hilary’s phone cable in post. 

Cooked chicken for tea. 

We went for a walk up Nicky Nook. 

Sat in snug with windows open and a bit of a breeze. 

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Diary – Sunday 19th June 2017

Up at 8am. Rob cooked breakfast. 

I left house at 9.30pm in car. 

Stopped for fuel and then drove to Lancaster. 

Half an hour to prep Lighthouse and then down for first part of LBC service. Choc bars for all men!! And then out with kids for Lighthouse. Short time all together and then I led our group time. Introduced Bible sword drill and children seemed to really enjoy it. 

Chatted to a few people and then left for home. 

Traffic chaos!! A6 was at an almost standstill 15 minutes to top of Greaves. Turned off through back streets and onto Cockerham Road where the road was empty. Glad to find at Cabus the A6 was empty too. Parked at home and then walked down to village. 

Lunch at the Barn. Roast beef and a glass of wine. Walked home. 

Afternoon around house. Rob and Hilary went for a walk up Nicky Nook. I did some hedge trimming but gave up cos of hay fever. 

Naomi and Rob went to evening service. Hilary went for a walk round the block. I stayed at home. 

Cheese and biscuits for supper. Poldark in Tv at 9pm

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Diary – Saturday 17th June 2017

Up at 8am. Walked down to shop for paper. Came home, Rob cooked breakfast. 

Then it was time for Christianity Explored with Jo and Jim.  

Lunchtime with bits and pieces from the fridge. 

In the afternoon we had a trip to the Steam Fair. Highlight was seeing all the steam engines parade out of the righ and then watching the lawn-more racing. 

Came home, Naomi made shepherds pie for tea. 

Watched HIGNFY then went up to snug. 

Bed at 11pm. 

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