Diary – Friday 7th August 2020

Up at 7.30am, walk round the block and breakfast.

A warm morning so I washed some jumpers.

Doing 30 minutes work outside was enough.

Lunch together in kitchen.

Tried more garden work, barrowing sand, but got uncomfortably hot in 20 minutes.

Watched rather a lot of TV in the afternoon.

When Naomi finished work we went out for a walk to the picnic site. Took us 2 hours instead of 1 1/2.

When we got back we cooked tea together – battered fish with steamed potatoes and fried veg.

Rest of evening in snug.

Bed at 11pm.

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Diary – Thursday 6th August 2020

Up at 7.30am and walked Katie round the block before breakfast and a read of paper.

Went t the gym for 10.30am. Only three of us in the room so no problem with equipment. Did a 1km row, weights and 5km run. Row and run were both faster than last week. Followed tracks in Germany and even recognised parts of Munich.

Came home and had lunch at 1pm.

Had some Harris paperwork to deal with and that was the main job of the afternoon.

Naomi finished work and we went for a drive to Garstang and an hour-long walk along river banks.

I cooked toad in the hole and roast veg for tea.

Did some guitar and then we sat in snug for evening.

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Diary – Wednesday 5th August 2020

Up at 7am for Naomi to go to office.

Katie and I went for our morning walk round the block and came back to an empty house.

Had time for breakfast and a read of paper before parish prayer meeting at 9am on zoom. Anton asked me to lead, which doesn’t need much really. Then we had a chat about churches re-opening or not.

Felt a bit unmotivated, especially given the wet weather, and spent most of morning in snug.

Had eggy bread for lunch for a change.

Had a long afternoon session on the xbox doing UFC and your shape, but I couldn’t find the bootcamp exercise. But the UFC punching and kicking exercises were good fun.

Gave Katie her dinner at 5pm before we went for a walk along the Millennium Way. I thought we might see some river flooding but it seems the river level had fallen as quickly as it rose in the morning.

Naomi was staying at work for a social so I had tea alone. Ate the remaining rabbit meat with some spicy rice and veg.

And watched TV until Naomi came home at about 9pm.

We took Katie for a walk and didn’t get to bed until gone 11pm.

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Diary – Tuesday 4th August 2020

Up at 7.30am and took Katie round the block.

Breakfast, read the paper.

Went out for a shopping trip to Garstang.

Parked at Booths and then visited Car Care and walked back along a deserted High Street. Went into Aldi. It was busy. No one bothering about distancing. Glad to get out. Then into Booths. Much quieter.

Home by 12.30. Unpacked and then had lunch.

Had a long session in office dealing with Harris stuff.

Did a 5km row. Slow again.

Naomi finished work and we went for a walk. Had to give up on field to Woodacre as we found cows on our path. Retreated and went up,Grizedale and over Nicky Nook instead. We could see north Wales from the top.

We had rabbit for tea, cooked in white win in slow cooker. I was surprised how dry it was. Naomi didn’t like the taste.

I tried to play guitar but hurt little finger doing a B7 chord so retreated to snug for rest of evening.

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Diary – Monday 3rd August 2020

Naomi was full of cold so decided to work from home so alarm was set for 7.30am.

Got up and took Katie for a walk round the block. She seemed to be very happy to be back in our normal routine.

Came home and had breakfast in kitchen while Katie ate hers and then retreated to sung for a while to read paper.

A morning of housework and laundry.


Mowed the lawn.

Had a sit down with a cup of tea and then did a 10km row. Felt quite hard work and was slower than last time. But that was over a week ago.

Watched TV until Naomi finished work and then we went out for a walk to the picnic site and back through the fields.

I cooked salmon fillets for tea with everything done in the microwave.

Sat in the snug for rest of evening.

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Diary – Sunday 2nd August 2020

The day our visitors left.

They were up very early, I got up at 7am and they were already having breakfast.

So I took Katie out for a walk down to the village and back.

Sarah and Elizabeth left at about 8.30am.

I had breakfast and there was time to do some tidying up before church service at 10am. Watched the YouTube video in the snug on TV.

Did a bit more clearing up and then joined in virtual cuppa Zoom session for half an hour.

I cooked lunch – roasted chicken breasts with roasted veg.

We went for a walk round the block with Katie.

Spent the rest of afternoon in snug.

Took Katie out for another walk round the block at 6pm and then a shorter walk at 8pm.

Played a game and went to bed at 10pm.

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Diary – Saturday 1st August 2020

Got up shortly after 7am and took Katie for a walk down to village via woods. We went through the field even though there were cows.

After breakfast we drove up to the Lakeland Maze Farm Park.

Started off with the mini-maze and then did the big maze and when we first found the exit we went round again to answer all the quiz questions. Took us just under 2 hours.

Then had lunch. I had a burger.

And then we came home.

Took Katie for a walk and stopped at the Priory for ice creams.

Back home we had another go at archery.

We got take-away tea from Cobblers. I had pie and chips.

Evening in snug, we played the new domino game.

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Diary – Friday 31st July 2020

An early start as both Naomi and I were awake before 7am.

I got up and took Katie for a walk down to the village and back.

Shortly after 9am we were all in the car and heading to Cleveleys.

When we got there it was high tide – we had misread the tide tables!!

So instead we went to Anchorsholme Park and sat on a bench while Elizabeth played.

Then we made our way to the beach as the tide retreated. I sat on a bench with Katie for a while while the others played on a dog-free beach but eventually there was enough beach for us all to go on the dog-friendly beach.

Katie played in the sea and ran around on the sand for a while.

When it got to lunchtime I stayed on the beach with Katie while,the others went to Cleveleys and came back eventually with fish and chips. We retreated to to the prom to eat.

And then headed home.

We had pancakes for tea.

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Diary – Thursday 30th July 2020

Up at 7.30am, walked Katie down to shop and back.

Had breakfast by myself as Naomi was already working and Sarah and Elizabeth had already gone out.

Read paper and attempted puzzles, tidied up,in kitchen.

Got things together and went out to gym.

A very different gym with cardio equipment in a much bigger room and well spaced out. Did 1km on rowing machine, some weights and then 5km on treadmill. Used new headphones which worked a treat and had screen showing me a route around Auckland. Felt good to be on a treadmill again.

Came home and sat in snug until lunchtime with Naomi.

Did some work in office.

Had a quick drink and then went out and chopped down some bracken.

Sarah and Elizabeth returned. When Naomi finished work she took Katie for a walk with Elizabeth and Sarah went out to collect takeaway for tea.

We got food from the Med at Holly. I had asked for a Spanish platter but all the containers were mixed up so we weren’t quite sure we got everything right. It was very nice whatever!

Rest of day in snug. Played another new game as a foursome and then Naomi and I played and I won.

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Diary – Wednesday 29th July 2020

Up at 7.30am and took Katie for a walk. We made it a slightly longer walk by going through the woods on the way to the village. After the shop we stopped at school to let the IT guy in.

And headed home for breakfast.

We drove up to the Lake District. The road past Windermere was very busy and slow.

We stopped at Brockholes. After a walk round, the girls had a clay pigeon shooting session while I sat with a drink looking after the dog. When they were finished we sat down at a bench and had lunch.

Then we drove on to Ambleside. Car park at Waterhead was full so we parked at Ambleside and walked back.

Sat at the edge of the lake and had ice creams.

Then we hired a motorboat for an hour. Really didn’t get very far, perhaps the wind slowed us down. Walked back to car through centre of Ambleside which was quite busy.

And drove home.

Lots of leftovers for tea.

Evening in snug.

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