Diary – 23rd September 2017

Up at 8am. Down to shop and home for breakfast and read paper.  

Once Naomi was up we went out and spent the res t f the morning cutting down trees and chopping it up. Unfortunately we later. Two little fledglings and the remains of their nest. 


Did a bit more of my course and got to the end of the week’s teaching. 

We went for a walk. Up Nicky Nook over the top and along Grizedale to Higher Lane, Tithebarn Lane to the vilalage and home. 

Pancakes for tea. 

Made a fire and sat in snug for evening. Did Lighthouse prep. 

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Diary – 22nd September 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out. 

Early Birds started indoors. Mrs H turned up and sounded surprised that I have everything in control. We went out and I had to keep an eye on little girls with guinea pigs. 

Round to vicarage to copy pewsheets. Anton out so all done very quickly. Then walked home via parish church, chapel, Catholic Church and school to collect harvest gift for Tony and Judy. 

Sat and read paper for a while before heading aback to village. 

Macmillan coffee morning at Chapel. Lots of people there. Chatted with Pam for most of the time I was there. 

Round to see Pluto. Kirstine was there as they were going away for a long weekend. We got a bit wet on our walk. 

Home for lunch. 

And then my afternoon trip to Calder Vale. Chatted with Mrs H in office before worship time. Only 4 boys in my minibus. 

Home for last part of Tipping Point. 

Naomi got home and we decided to walk to chippy for tea. Came home in dark. 

Sat in snug For rest  of evening.  

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Diary – Thursday 21st September 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out. 

At Early Birds I had a rush of children arrive at 8am. It was wet so we stayed indoors all morning. 

Came homes and read paper. 

Up to office for a brief stint. 

Then down to village in car and took Pluto for. Walked along Millennium Way for a change. 

And then drove to Lancaster. A quick visit to Halfords for a headlamp bulb and then to Ridge. 

A quiet Job Club session. Me and Malcolm in charge. Jared and Glen came for a while and then Keith came. 

Finished promptly and drove home. Fitted headlamp bulb – so much easier than the Jag. 

Watched Tipping Point. 

Naomi came home. 

We went for a walk round block as light was failing.

I cooked liver for tea. 

Sat in snug and watched TV. 

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Diary – Wednesday 20th September 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am. Naom was already up before I  Left. 

Kept Early Birds inside until 8.30am. Then had issues with boys kicking football around the playground but no-one hurt. 

Then up to church for morning prayer. A smaller gathering than usual. 

And then home. 

Checked old car started ok  and called company to arrange collection for tomorrow. 

Naomi got home and we took Pluto out together. 

Came home and had lunch. 

Naomi went to Lancaster for eye test and I went down to village for Jam Club. 

A bit different to normal weeks. We walked from school to church and loaded harvest gifts into Mrs H’s car. Then walked down to Springfield Gardens and delivered gifts. It started raining. We delivered a few more but rain got heavier. We headed back to school, had snacks and then did some songs before club ended. So I got away earlier than usual. And headed home in the rain. 

Naomi was back shortly after me. 

Salmon for tea. 

Then I went out to Lancaster for guitar lesson. Dalton sq busy so parked outside LBC. Lesson was good. And drove home again. 

Moved Jag to front of house – the last time I will drive it? Then indoors, played guitar and watched TV til bedtime. 

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Diary – Tuesday 19th September 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.30am. 

A nice morning but started Early Birds indoors. Mrs H turned up and started getting more stuff out of the cupboards. We went out at 8.30am. 

Got text from Naomi about car being picked up and saw truck going up Lane. But he couldn’t started car and didn’t have a winch so he left it. 😦

I came home, read paper, did laundry and put car battery on charge. 

Took Pluto for a walk. 

Had lunch. 

Down to school at 3pm for after-school club. A small session as ASC was in competition with a speed stacking class. We stayed outdoors for the whole session. 

Came home and brought in laundry. 

When Naomi got home we went for a walk round the block. 

Cooked sausages for tea. 

Sat in snug for rest of evening. 

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Diary – Monday 18th September 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.30am. 

No-one came to Early Birds club before 8am so I got in some steps. We stayed in the library til 8.30am. 

Walked up hill with Gemma and chatted. 

Ladies from LBC arrived just after me and filled our drive with cars. 

I left them downstairs and stayed in my office for the morning. 

Started a new Future Learn course about making electronic music in a web browser. Started with a simple oscillator and a mouse-controlled theramin. 

Down to the village to take Pluto for a walk. 

Home for lunch with the house to myself. 

Ladies returned and most left. I went downstairs and chatted to the rest for a while as they packed and left. 

Had a look at Jaguar. Put battery on charge for a while. It charged up but wouldn’t start. Lots of clicking and that was it. 

Watched Tipping Point while there was a really heavy rain shower. 

Cooked chicken with cauliflower cheese for tea. 

Sat in snug for evening and watched TV. 

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Diary – Saturday 16th September 2017

Up at 7.30am, a quick walk to shop for newspaper and home for breakfast. 

Left house at about 9.15am in 407. Had to stop at Cabus to fill fuel tank. Drove to Middlesbrough with a stop at Kirkby Stephen. Road was quiet. 

First stop at Middlesbrough was care home. Sat and chatted with Richard for 20 mins or so. Then drove to house.Naomi cleared  buddleia from back yard and I picked pears from the tree. 

Drove to Linthorpe village, bought sandwiches from Greggs and sat outside to eat. 

Then drove round to Jacqueline’s house for birthday party of Isobel. She had a good look at the present of wooden blocks we gave. Lots of food and chat. 

Left at 6.30pm or so. Took Kathryn, mick and John home to Boosbeck and then turned west. Stopped at Kirkby Stephen again for a quick walk and got home about 10pm. 

A quick drink and then bed. 

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