Diary – Thursday 19th April 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am.

Not so many at Early Birds and a lot calmer.

Came home and read paper.

Went shopping at Garstang. A quick walk along the high street and then round Booths.

Back to village and took Pluto round the block.

Home and unpack shopping, hang out laundry and then lunch.

Decided to go for a bike ride. Wondered about Dunlop bridge and Wray but left it too late for a long ride so made do with Knott End and back. Sat on the front at Knott End with an ice cream and watched the ferry. Faster coming back with the wind behind me.

Cook beef fajitas for tea.

Bikes and Barrows team meeting in the evening. Mike said it would be a short meeting, but it went on til gone 9pm.

Sat in snug for rest of evening.

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Diary – Wednesday 18th April 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am.

Met at school gates by two children who were early for Early Birds. Then the usual rush at 8am and it got chaotic again.

Then to prayer meeting.

And then walked with Denis back to his house. First job was to fix a profile issue on their laptop. Success not so much knowing how to fix it, but knowing where to look to find how to fix it. Once that was down we talked about Open the Book and tried to plan our next session. Left at about 11.30am.

A short walk to village centre and took Pluto for a walk round block.

And home for lunch.

Some last minute prep for Jam club and then down to school.

Jam club numbers were a bit lower because of football and tennis happening but we had a good time. Had to hang around at end as there was only one other adult in the building.

We had baked potatoes for tea.

I went out for connect group. We met at Marie’s house but as there was just me and Denise we just sat and chatted for the evening. Headed home at 9.30pm.

Sat in snug for a while before bed.

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Diary – Tuesday 17th April 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.30am.

A steady stream of arrivals at Early Birds rather than a rush.

Came home, read paper, another long session at computer prepping Jam club before walking down to village to take Pluto for walk along Millennium way.


Closed eyes and was very close to falling asleep.

Back down to village for after-school club. A dozen children. We stayed outside until snack time then numbers steadily dropped.

Came home and watched Tv.

Salmon for tea.

Did a bit more Jam club prep before settling in snug.

Bed at 10.30pm.

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Diary – Monday 16th April 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.30am.

Early Birds started quiet but had a bunch of crazy older kids before 8.30am. Glad to get outside.

Came home, read paper, session in office updating websites, sorted a load of laundry, washing up.

Lefxt house, drove to village, took Pluto for a walk along Millennium way.

Drove to Garstang and gym. Row, weights and treadmill. Ran several times at 12kmh and even 12.5kmh for final 100m.

Came home, had lunch.

Did a few other jobs then sat down and watched Tipping Point.

Out to greenhouse for a while and planted seeds for sarracenia and peppers.

Came in and made fajitas for tea.

Drove to LBC for holiday club meeting.

Home for 9.30pm.

Did my first LU timesheet then sat down in snug before bed.

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Diary – Sunday 15th April 2018

Woke and got up at 8am after a fairly sound sleep.

Breakfast just before everyone else got up and then left at 9.30am.

Drove to Lancaster and parked off Dalton Sq.

Quick walk into centre to pay in cheque and ATM and then back to LBC for Lighthouse prep. Then downstairs for start of service and back up with kids. A couple of games all together and the memory verse and then we split into groups. I was with middle group, only 5 kids. Feeding of 5000. Spent more time on colouring than on story. Then downstairs for a drink and chat.

Drove home through drizzle and then a heavy downpour.

Waited a while before Ann and boys returned for lunch.

In the afternoon we played together on Xbox then Naomi and Ann went out and the boys and I played driving games for a while longer.

Stopped for a snack and then played Castle of burgundy for a while.

Then they all left to head to Lancaster.

I did some tidying, dealt with some email,and watched TV.

Bed at 10.30pm.

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Diary – Saturday 14th April 2018

Up at 8am, walk down to shop for newspaper and then back for breakfast.

Left at 9.30am. Drove to Catterall.

Met up with other CV governors and paired up to deliver school leaflets. Graham and I went off along Catterall Lane and delivered to lots of new houses. And it took us exactly an hour.

Then we drove round to Aszend Gym and had a drink and cake and a good chat. And a look round the gym.

Came home, did a bit of tidying and then had lunch.

A nice afternoon so went outside. Started on trimming leylandii hedge. Two different trimmers, two ladders but still couldn’t get to top bit.

Came indoors with Anne’s boys and played with my new train set.

Stopped for tea.

Played a bit more with trains.

I went upstairs and prepped Lighthouse.

Then sat in snug for a while before bed.

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Diary – Friday 13th April 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am.

A wet start to the day and it was quiet at Early Birds. First arrival at 8.15am. Only 6 at 8.30am. Rain had subsided so we went out for a few minutes.

Round to Vicarage to copy pewsheets. Jim was there as well so abit more of a chat.

Walked home via chapel, shop and Catholic Church.

Sat and read paper and then up to office for a while.

Then got ready and went out.

Drove down to village. Took Pluto for a walk along Millennium way.

Then drove to Garstang and YMCA gym. Row, weights and run.

Home for lunch.

And then off to Calder Vale school. Worship didn’t happen so I hung around in office for a while. Only 5 kids on minibus so it didn’t take long. Then drove into Garstang to ymca to collect trainers I had forgotten. Only to find I had forgotten my bpay bracelet as well 😦

Came home and watched Pointless.

We sorted separate teas. I went to chippy for fish & chips with curry sauce.

Spent most hours f event no in snug watching TV

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