Diary – Tuesday 21st November 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.30am.

Early Birds went Ok, we had Mrs H around tidying the cupboard. Outside at 8.30am.

Home to read paper.

Round to Tony and Judy’s to look at computer problem. Sat with them for a cup of tea and then brought base unit home with me.

Fiddling with PC was then a job throughout the rest of the day.

Took Pluto for a walk about no Millennium way because of heavy rain.

Had lunch.

Meeting at school cancelled so had some extra time at home.

But down to school for 3pm anyway; it was raining

Mrs H was around at start of after-school club but left us to it. Three of us started a game of monopoly but gave up at snack time. Finished at 5.45pm and headed home.

Naomi was just behind me.

We had ready meals for tea.

Walked back down to village for DCC meeting at church. Finished at 10pm and walked home.

Bed at 10.30pm

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Diary – Monday 20th November 2017

A very restless night; think n only slept from about 1.30am.

So felt very tired when alarm woke me at 6.45am. Up, breakfast and out at 7.30am.

Just Esme and me at Early Birds to start with. A few more later and we went out at 8.30am.

Glad to come home at 9am but no time to stop.

Ruth and den picked me up at 9.30am and we drove up to Calder Vale.

After a couple of practices we did our Open The Book presentation of Daniel in the lions’ den. Went well.

And we came back.

A quick trip to Garstang for fruit and veg at Bradshaws and to collect prescription then back to village to take Pluto for a walk along Millennium way.

And then home for lunch.

Spent a while in office clearing inbox of mostly LSC registrations.

And then down to school for a training session on IDSR or ASP. That went on for 1 1/4 hours. Dark as I walked home.

Sea bass for tea.

Watched TV and drank wine in the snug til bedtime.

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Diary – Sunday 19th November 2017

Up at 8am, Rob did a cooked breakfast.

Left at 10am.

Drove to New Malden, picked up Thenuka and drove back to Court Farm garden centre. Sat in cafe and chatted. I had pancakes with honey, yoghurt and blueberries. Very tasty.

Drove Thenuka home and headed for Wapping. Sat nav took us off A3 and along A24 via Balham and Clapham to Elephant & Castle. Arrived at Sarah’s at 1pm.

Had a quick lunch of pizza then loaded car with boxes of model train and meccano.

And set off for home. Very slow through north London. Took about an hour to get on motorway. Naomi took over driving at Northampton. I took over at Lymm. And a quick stop at Tickle Trout for fuel. Arrived home about 8.30pm.

Unpacked car, took ages to find which alarm was beeping. Sat in snug for a while before bed.

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Diary – Saturday 18th November

Slept quite well and woke at 7.30am.

Got up and had a cup of tea.

Then at 8.45am when Helen was supposed to collect us, we set our walking to Malden Manor. Passed there and continued but missed Helen. She eventually caught up with us.

Drove to New Malden, parked and walked to the Watchman. Had breakfast. A large one for me.

Then walked down High st to train station and took train to Waterloo.

Met Rob and Hilary and took underground to North Greenwich. Sarah was waiting for us.

Walked around O2 towards where sponsor area used to be, but nothing there.

Through security and upstairs.

Tennis started at about midday. Doubles game was rather one-sided. Went for walk with NAOMI and Sarah all around lower level. The the singles match between Federer and Goffin. 3 sets. Goffin won.

Took a while to get into train station. We went one stop to Canada Water. Walked around shopping centre and then ate at Cafe Rouge. I had rillettes


And a little pot of rhubarb crumble that I forgot to photograph.

Back to the underground and too train to Southwark for a walk along Southbank through Christmas stalls. Nice view of City

Train from Waterloo to Tolworth and walk back to house for about 9.30pm.

NAOMI did more paper tidying.

Bed after 11pm again.

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Diary – Friday 17th November 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast, dyed hair

And then down to school.

Early birds was very quiet. Even for a Friday. Only 5 kids at 8.30am.

Round to vicarage to copy pewsheets and then deliver to chapel and Catholic Church.

Then round to a Kirstine’s house to walk Pluto. Except there was no lead in sight so I went home.

Tidied kitchen, up to office for a while and then packed suitcase.

Drove down to village. Stopped at shop to cancel Saturday paper, took Pluto round the block and then crept into St. Peter’s during school assembly to deliver pewsheets.

Headed home. Had lunch.

NAOMI came home and we were soon ready to leave.

Heading for London in BMW. NAOMI drove to start with. Roadworks at Wigan and an accident.

Stopped at Keele services to stretch our legs and I took over driving. Followed M6 round Birmingham and then M42 and M40.

Stopped at Stratford. Walked around street and then Pizza Express for tea.

I carried on driving. M40, M25 and A3.

Arrived at Tolworth about 8.20pm.

Chatted until

Bed at 11pm

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Diary – Thursday 16th November 2017

Up at 6.45am. Was awake during the night so feeling tired. Breakfast and out at 7.45am.

Weather wasn’t what the forecast said, still dry as I walked down to school.

Rush of children arriving for Early Birds at 8am. Divided between speed stacking and drawing. Rain started just before the time we would normally go out. It was VERY heavy. I thought we’d stay in all the time but Mrs Pollitt said we should go out at 8.45am. As it took almost 10 mins to get everyone out it wasn’t long before the bell went.

Walked home, thankful rain had stopped.

Read the paper.

Spent a while in office.

Then out in car. Drove down to village. Took Pluto for a walk along Millennium way.

Then drove to Lancaster and Job Club on Ridge. Took my camp blanket to show Norm. Not much job searching going on.

Finished a little after 3pm. Drove home through Lancaster to shop at Booths. It took ages. Home just before 4pm.

Watched Tipping Point. Then a bit more time in office.

Naomi came home. We had beef fajitas for tea.

Walked down to village for Messy Church meeting at Ruth and Den’s house and put the world to rights on a range of subjects.

And a sit in snug before bed.

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Diary – Wednesday 15th November 2017

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.45am.

Had a chat with Mrs H before anyone arrived at Early Birds. Usual routine, stayed in until 8.30am and then out in playground.

From school to church for prayer meeting. No vicar.

And then home with papers.

Just a short time at home and then back down to church for school assembly.

Our first Open The Book assembly for ages. We did Daniel in the lion pit and I was Daniel. Went well. Kids loved it.

Then went and took Pluto fior a walk round block.

And home for lunch.

Another short rest before heading back down to village for Jam club.

Story was the parable of talents. We held it at school which gives us a longer time so many kids had completed the craft before our time was up. Carpet was a mess when we left.

Home again for tea by melt. Baked potato and leftovers.

And then off to Lancaster.

Got last parking space next to music spot.

Guitar lesson was good. Teacher showed off my guitar to a guy who was there tuning. Then worked on playing AC/DC. Was good.

And then on to connect group. A good study but we talked a lot about prayer rather than doing it.

Home of 10pm and a short sit in snug planning our weekend in London before bed.

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