Diary – Thursday 12th September 2019

Up at 6.40am, breakfast and out at 7.40am to walk to school.

Early Birds went Ok.

Came home, read paper.

Shopping trip to Garstang. Aldi and Booths.

Came home, unpacked shopping.

Walked down to village and took Pluto for a walk round the block. It rained just about all the way round.


And back down to village and after-school club. Indoors all session and we had some FOSS kids as well. Craft, Wii and video all going to keep everyone occupied. But we did finish a bit early.

Came home and made tea. Rib eye steak with fried onions and boiled potatoes and some veg.

Spent evening in snug.

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Diary – Wednesday 11th September 2019

Up at 6.30am, breakfast and out at 7.40am

There were kids at school before I got there! A steady stream once door was opened at Early Birds but it was fairly quiet with Mrs H buzzing around.

From school to church for prayer meeting.

And then grabbed newspaper and headed home.

Sat and read paper, did puzzles.

More housework before heading back down to village to take Pluto for a walk. Met another dog that I might be walking.

And home for lunch.

And after a while back t school for after-school club. Outside again until snack time. After snack kids were all happy playing indoors so we stayed there. Finished a little bit late.

Walked home, a quick microwave tea and then out in car to Lancaster.

Connect group meeting. Next study on Ezekiel. Lots of chat, mostly about heritage weekend.

Home for 10pm and a brief FaceTime chat with Naomi.

Watched some Tv and went to bed.

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Diary – Tuesday 10th September 2019

Up at 6.30am, breakfast and out at 7.20am.

Early Birds got a bit noisy.

Came home and read paper.

Did some housework.

Did a 5km row.

Walked down to village and took Pluto round the block.

Home for lunch.

And down to village again for after-school club. A busy session starting with twenty kids. Started outside. For half an hour. Went in for snack and stayed.

At 5.30pm I moved into a governors meeting to talk about property maintenance. Was meant to be forty-five minutes but went on over an hour.

A quick walk home, indoors to eat a slice of bread and jam and then out again.

Drove to Lancaster for OMF meeting. Only 7 of us but prayer time went on til 9.15pm and we didn’t leave til 9.45pm.

Got home, brief FaceTime with Naomi and a drink before bed.

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Diary – Monday 9th September 2019

Up at 6.30am, having slept well. Breakfast and out at 7.20am.

I was collecting milk and fruit deliveries at school as first children arrived for Early Birds. Fewer children and it was fairly quiet.

Came home and sat and read paper.

Morning went quickly after a bit of email processing.

Took Pluto for a walk round the block and came home for lunch.

Back to school for after school club. We stayed indoors, played on Wii and watched a film. Last child collected at 1750.

Came home.

Cooked tea and then spent most of evening watching TV in snug before bed at 1030.

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Diary – Sunday 8th September 2019

Up at 8am, breakfast and left house at 9.30am with all stuff for Lighthouse.

Too much chat in church foyer so we didn’t start Lighthouse setup until 10.15am and we weren’t finished by 10.30am so stayed upstairs rather than downstairs for church service.

When kids came up it was a very small group, just 9, but 4 in my group. We did the memory verse from YouTube. Talked about Solomon in group and consequences of not following God.

Met Ann and boys after service and we drove back to Scorton.

Naomi had lunch ready.

We went for a walk round the woods and spent a while removing barbed wire.

Then Zac, Naomi and I played Settlers of Catan. Just at the point when I was going to leave the game Naomi decided that I had won anyway. I left them playing for second place.

Walked down to village for Evensong. My monthly role looking after sound and doing a reading. Good sermon from the Director of Discipleship for the diocese. Music and wine after service but didn’t hang around long after music finished.

Came home and sat in snug with a snack and more wine until bed at 10.15pm

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Diary – Saturday 7th September 2019

Up at 8.30am, walked to shop for paper and had breakfast in snug.

Was not feeling well, hopefully just adjusting to new medication.

Naomi went out for the day.

I dug up remaining potatoes. Lawn planting was not very successful perhaps because of very compact soil and being water-logged.

Spent afternoon watching TV in snug including England football game.

Had a pizza for tea.

Bed at 11pm.

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Diary – Friday 6th August 2019

Up at 6.30am, breakfast and out at 7.40am. Drove down to school.

Looks like Friday Early Birds will be just as busy as the other days. But it was all calm.

Then jumped in car and drove to Wyrebank.

First Fitcamp Friday session. I recognised a few other people as school parents. We did two circuits and some other exercises and stretches to finish.

Stopped for shopping at Aldi and Booths.

Came home, got changed and a quick cup of tea before walking down to village and taking Pluto round the block. Stopped for a long chat with Phil.

Home for lunch.

And then out again to Garstang.

NISCU prayer meeting at St Thomas’. Never been in the hall before. A lot of chat before we prayed.

Had to leave first and drove up to Calder Vale for minibus drive.

One new drop-off and all parents were waiting so it was a quick drive.

Home for half of Tipping Point.

Naomi came home and I made a beef stir fry for tea.

Sat in snug until bedtime.

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