Diary – Monday 20th August 2018

Up at 7.30am and walked down to shop in drizzle.

Breakfast and Martin made French toast for breakfast.

Then we set out and drove to Morecambe. Left Ruth at Next and the rest of us drove to Half Moon Bay. Spent something like four hours on beach. Walked out to waters edge at almost low tide and then along waters edge.

Returned to Next to meet Ruth, bought sandwiches at Morrisons and sat on prom for a very late lunch.

Returned to house, us via motorway and Grills via Lancaster for some sight-seeing.

Kids wanted tent so we got it out and pitched it on lawn. Many hands make light work.

Came indoors for tea and n children, Naomi and Ruth went out to tent for the night.

Martin went to bed straight away, I watched some TV downstairs before going to bed.

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Diary – Sunday 19th August 2018

Up at 7.30am.

Breakfast then at 9.40am I set off for LBC with Kevin in the back.

All arrived in time for start of service. When kids went out I took Ellie and Kevin. We played with the parachute, then did cooking, then made Pom-poems and then we were done. ChAtted with a few people before leaving.

Walked round city centre and went to Go Burrito for lunch. I had a burrito and nachos

Naomi and I walked up to Tourist office looking for a Bay Cycleway map, it was closed. Tried both Waterstones and none at either.

Headed back to house.

After tea Martin, Kenny and I watched the 3D version of Monsters University.


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Diary – Saturday 18th August 2018

Awake at 7pm. Don’t seem to be able too sleep in this summer. Got up, did paper run and sat in kitchen waiting for everyone else.

After breakfast we drove to Garstang. We sat and watched the first round (!) of the town cryer competition.

Walked to the Old Tithe Barn for lunch. Took an ages for food to be arrived. Rather disappointed at the size of fish fillets.

After lunch we split. Ruth, children and I walked to High Street and looked round gift shop and then made our way to Kepple Lane playground. Other joined us the after a bit.

Back in cars and we dove to Hugo’s ice cream parlour. Kids had small cups of ice cream while Naomi Ruth and I shared a 10-scoop plate

Once home, no-one was hungry yet for tea. We didn’t eat lunch not about 8pm.

Naomi and I played Ticket to Ride and I lost badly

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Diary – Friday 17th August 2018

Awake early and got up shortly after 7am, walked to shop for papers and came back.

Sat in kitchen and read paper before anyone else appeared.

After breakfast we hung around the house.

Jo and I had a meeting at 11am about using mailchimp for parish news. I thought we’d be about ten minutes, but we talked for an hour.


We walked up Nicky Nook in drizzle and came back via Grizedale. Stopped at the aqueduct for a small picnic. Along Tithebarn Lane and then through the woods to home.

Tea time.

Watched Shrek with Martin and Kenny as none of our 3D glasses were working.

Sat in snug for a while before bed at 11pm.

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Diary – Thursday 16th August 2018

Up at 7.30am, walk to shop, breakfast.

We set out in two cars, boys and girls.

Drove to Fleetwood and Freeport. I bought some new trainers. Had a look at clothes in Next but nothing I liked.

Drove to prom and walked to Ferry Cafe for lunch. I had a sausage, bacon and fried egg barm cake. Walked back to car along beach and kids played in waves.

Martin and I drove back and stopped at Booths in Garstang to do a shop for a BBQ while others drove straight home.

So we drove home and set about BBQ. Worked very well.

But it was too cold to sit outside to eat.

lots of meat, bread, BBQ veg and salad to eat.

Sat in kitchen til bedtime.

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Diary – Wednesday 15th August 2018

Up at 7.30am. Had shower downstairs, wonder if there’s a leak somewhere around the tray?

Another fitness morning. I did a 5km row.

After lunch we went for a walk round block. Stopped at playground and then to Spar for ice cream.

In the evening we played Castles of Burgundy. With four players it was a very long game. I lost. 😦

Bed at 11.30pm.

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Diary – Tuesday 14th August 2018

Woke quite early but had slept soundly. Up and walked to shop before anyone else was out of bed but came back to breakfast being cooked.

Ruth wanted to try rowing machine so I sat while she rowed 5km then I rowed 10km. Then Martin had a go.

We went to chippy to buy take-away for lunch.

Felt very drowsy so went for a lie-down for a while.

Naomi had a loose tooth so I went with her To Lancaster. Appointment was 30 mins late and took 20 mins.

When we got back to house visitors were getting ready to leave so we had a quick turn around.

Drove back to Lancaster, stopped at Booths where I did some picnic shopping.

Then drove over to Williamson Park for Play in the Park (again).

Ate picnic on grass in place for first scene.

Quite pleased that play wasn’t exactly the same. It seemed to finish later. Left at 10pm and only took 15 mins to get home.

I sat in kitchen for a while updating diary before bed.

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