Diary – Monday 21st August 2017

Up at 7.30am, down to shop and home for breakfast. 

Naomi went out to work and the three of us left shortly after 9am. 

Drove to Lancaster and parked on Quay. Couldn’t walk on quayside as all gates were locked. So a walk along roadside. 

And then to Maritime museum for opening time at 10am. 

Stayed for about 40 mins. 

Drove to Willow Lane and found a playground for Elizabeth. 

And then drove to railway station. Saw Sarah and Elizabeth on to platform and then left. 

Drove home. 

Started work on repairing NAS. 

Realised I needed solder so a quick trip to C&C. 


Work on repair seemed to be going well. Was securing everything in place when a transistor fell out of the case. 😦

Tidied up. 

Sat in office and designed tickets for St Peters event. 

Back to rowing machine. A bit slow. 

Naomi came home. 

We had liver for tea. 

Went for a wLk round block. 

Sat in snug for rest of evening. 

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Diary – Sunday 20th august 2017

Up at 8am. Breakfast in far lounge with TV news. 

Left at 9.30am and drove to Lancaster. Parked by Music spot. 

Not much to prep for Lighthouse. 

Downstairs for start of service. A small congregation. 

And then out with kids. We did memory verse and then made jam tarts. Didn’t have much group time after that. 

Enough time for a tea and chat downstairs. 

Then walked to Greaves Park. Joined by Naomi, Sarah and Elizabeth for lunch. I had road beef. 

Then we drove over to the castle for an afternoon about the witches. Display of owls. Broomstick lessons. A short play and some artwork

Then we headed home. 

After a couple of hours Naomi went off to church. Sarah, Elizabeth and I had some supper. Sarah and I went to the snug and chatted. 

NAOMI came home. The two of them

Played crosshand poker. 

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Diary – Saturday 19th August 2017

Up at 8am, down to shop and back for breakfast. 

We had a short time at home and then jumped in car and drove to Morecambe. Parked just off prom. 

We were too late for the morning science show so bought tickets for the later show. 

Then went for a walk along prom. It was like we were too early; all the stalls were just being set up. We walked to the end of the stone jetty and back and then went to super bowl to get inside and out of the wind. 

Played a game of bowls. I won. 

Then we crossed t road to KFC for lunch. 

And back to the Platform for the science show. Demonstration of how oxygen aids combustion with flour, demonstatration of catalysts with coke and mints and a demonstration of digestion. Very good fun. 

Walked back to car and drove home. 

Sat in downstairs lounge for a couple of hours and then we were out again. 

Drove to Lancaster. Stopped at Boot & Shoe for tea. I had chilli with a glass of wine. 

Then we drove over to Williamson’s Park. Watching the play in the park which was Treasure Island. Very good. It only rained lightly during last two scenes. 

Got home at about 10.30pm. 

Sat in snug for a while before bed. 

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Diary – Friday 18th August 2017

Up at 7am, walk to shop and home for breakfast in downstairs lounge. 

Out of house at 8.20am while Naomi was still on breakfast. 

Drove to garstang and health centre. Me and and 3 older men in waiting room. I was called first. Appointment with nurse for a blood sample. I was out before official time of my appointment. 

Drove to booths and parked. 

A quick trip round Aldi. Then a walk along High Street to get keys cut and a birthday card. Then back to booths and a quick tour of the shop. 

Drove home. 

Revised pewsheet. 

Got changed then drove down to vicarage and did photocopying, walked round churches to deliver. 

Then set off for Lancaster. Parked on Moorlands. 

Stopped at shop and bought a pasty. Walked down to canal, found a bench and stopped. 

1145 walked to LBC for funeral of Kathleen Adams. A blast from the past. Andy P playing piano, Michael B leading service. Refreshments after.time  to chat to a few people. 

Left about 2pm. Drove back to scorton, stopped in village and took Pluto for a walk. He saw a rabbit and chased it and went all the way round Johela Heights. 

Came home and sat down to read paper. 

Then it was time for my daily row. Still can’t get below 45 mins for a 10km row. 

By the time I’d had a showe Naomi was home. 

Spent a while tidying then we drove to Lancaster. Parked on Wheatfield St, walked to centre and bought burritos. Walked to train station and sat down to eat. and Tain arrived before we had finished.  

Walked with Sarah and Elizabeth back to car and drove back to scorton.

Sat in snug for rest of evening. Sarah and Naomi played crosshand poker. 

I got cheese and biscuits and made a fire. 

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Diary – Thursday 17th August 2017

A bit of a restless night with legs aching and rain outside. Let Naomi get up first. 

Was good to stretch my legs walking down to shop for newspaper. 

Breakfast in snug and then some time on housework. 

Then off to job club. Motorway was busy with holiday traffic. Only 2 clients. Had a battered sausage with my lunch. Keith was slow getting away. 

Came home, had a quick cup of tea and then rowing session. 

I had leftovers for tea, Naomi came home and made her own tea before going out for evening with Shona. 

I stayed in and sorted out Lighthouse session, wrote up BP readings for doctor and prepped pewsheet. Finished just before Naomi  came home. 

Watched a bit of TV before bed. 

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Diary – Tuesday 15th August 2017

Let Naomi get up first and followed her. Down to to shop and back as she was leaving. 

Breakfast in snug. 

Morning job was painting the two roof beams in my office with black paint

Afternoon job was to strip down NAS to replace power supply fan. All went well but old fan had a 2-pin connector inside PSU and new one had 3 pins and forum post I was reading didn’t say where to connect. 😦 gave up, put it back together minus PSu fan. 

Rowing session. 

Spent evening at home, doing a bit of jigsaw, watching TV. 

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Diary – Monday 14th August 2017

Up at about 7.30am, after Naomi. 

Walked to shop and had breakfast in snug. 

Put on laundry and then a shopping trip to Garstang. Aldi and then Booths. 

Came home, put away shopping, hung out washing, got changed and then left. 

Drove t Lancaster, parked on Moorlands and then walked down to LBC. 

In good time for Shaun’s funeral chatted with Carol before hand. A very full church. 

Came home, had lunch, did some some on computer. 

Row time again. It was hard work today. 

Cooked grilled chicken for tea. 

Naomi went out to an evening meeting. 

I spent a while in office. Tidied desk, sorted some papers, played some guitar. 

Then down to snug and watched some TV til bedtime. 

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