Diary – Monday 21st January 2019

Yuk. Back to work.

Alarm at 6.40am, breakfast and out at 7.20am.

A calm Early Birds session with numbers just into double figures.

Came home, read paper. Did some housework then back down to village to walk Pluto round block.

Back home for lunch.

Jim came round to fix toilet. Took him an age with several trips home.

By Time he was finished it was time for me to head back to school for after school club.

Played a game of scrabble which made time go quickly. Finished at 5.45pm and headed home.

A quick microwave tea and then out again.

Lbc deacons meeting to discuss leadership / elders. Went on for 2 hours.

Drove home, spoke to naomi and then went to bed.

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Diary – Sunday 20th January 2019

Sleep was disturbed by a pain in my upper arm.

Got up at about 8am, breakfast. Got together everything for Lighthouse and left at 9.30am and drove to Lancaster.

Got a parking space on Dalton Sq!!

Lighthouse prep was mainly setting up projector and laptop. It felt like we stayed in church service for longer than normal. Song and memory verse on laptop worked ok. I don’t think I had enough material for group time.

Came home, we had roast pork for lunch.

Then we went out. Drove to picnic site and parked. Walked the loop then walked along river bank and another loop to Shireshead and back to car.

Stopped at Hugo’s for ice cream.

Drove home and sat in snug for a while before Naomi left for church.

I did some email work before watching TV for rest of evening. Surprised when one of my iPhone charging cables started smouldering!!

Bed at 10.30pm

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Diary – Saturday 19th January 2018

Slept better.

Got up at at 8am, walked to shop for paper, came back, had breakfast and sat in snug for morning.

After lunch we went out. Drove to Barton Grange. Parked and went for walk along canal and a look round Flower Bowl,on way back. Then walked round garden centre. And drove home again.

spent the evening in the snug. After tea Naomi made a fire and we played scrabble – the real thing, not online!

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Diary – Friday 18th January 2018

Felt like I was awake lots overnight but Fitbit shows I slept quite well I was asleep when alarm went at 6.40m.

Up, breakfast and out at 7.40am.

It was light as I walked down to school. Early Birds was ok, but busier than normal for a Friday.

Copying pewsheets didn’t take long but I was glad of the cup of tea Anton made for me.

Walked home.

Called med centre and spoke to receptionist. Then sat in snug to read paper.

Doctor called on phone.

Walked down to village and took Pluto round block. It was a bit chilly.


And off to Calder Vale. Snow as I drove over the fell.

Worship and then minibus run.

Home in time for last part of Tipping Point.

Drove to Garstang, collected prescription and then a quick trip to Aldi to buy something for tea.

Drove home and naomi was just five minutes behind me.

Paella for tea and individual cheesecakes.

Sat in snug for rest of evening.

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Diary – Thursday 17th January 2018

Very restless night. Fitbit recorded 4 1/2 hours sleep. Got up at 5.30am cos of shoulder hurting.

Had breakfast in snug.

And down to school at 7.40am.

A busy early Birds session. Mrs H came and shouted at girls.

Collected newspaper, Pluto and headed home.

Sat in snug, had lunch, took Pluto home on way to school.

A busy after-school club cos of FoSS meeting. We had eighteen kids, mostly young. And we couldn’t go outside cos of Tab Rugby. It was very noisy.

Came home, had a microwave curry for tea.

Watched a sci-fi film on Amazon in snug.

Bed at 10.30pm.

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Diary – Wednesday 16th January 2019

Up at 6.40am, breakfast and out at 7.40am.

Another calm eArly Birds session.

Prayer meeting at church.

Collected Pluto and walked home.

Waited for news on delivery.

Once I had the news, drove Pluto down to village and then drove on to Garstang.

Picked up my printer from sweet shop.

Came home.

Unpacked printer and started setup and had lunch. And continued…

Walked down to village for after school club.

School was a bit chaotic with SATS club starting.

We took ASC outside for half an hour. Staff meeting finished at 5.15pm and ASC finished shortly after that.

Came home, had tea and headed out again at 6.50pm.

Drove to Lancaster for connect group and remembered to pick up Marie. Studied Ephesians ch 3. Good discussion and prayer, finished quite early.

Home for 9.30pm.

Sat in snug with a drink til bedtime.

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Diary – Tuesday 15th January 2018

Slept ok and up at 6.40am. Breakfast and out at 7.20am.

Slow start at Early Birds, not much happened.

Came home with Pluto and sat in snug with paper.

Waiting for news about printer delivery. When it came, the time slot was during my work time so rearranged for delivery to pickup spot tomorrow.

Took Pluto for a short walk up to Applestore.


Walked Pluto home and then headed to school.

After school club stayed indoors because of yesterday’s bad behaviour. Played with electronics box.

Walked home and just enough time for tea before walking back down to village.

DCC meeting at church. 7pm to about 9pm.

Walked home, had a drink before bed.

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