Diary – Sunday 21st July 2019

Up at 8.30am, breakfast and out at 9.45am.

Drove to Lancaster, parked on White Cross.

Morning service at LBC and Lighthouse. We had an end-of-term party in the memorial garden, playing games and eating snacks.

After service waited for Ann and boys.

We drove back to Scorton and then had lunch in the kitchen.

Then all got in car and drove to Fleetwood.

It was Tram Sunday. Wandered along streets with stalls, and lots of exhibitor cars and buses. And then there was a parade at 3pm.

Then we made our way to the beach and stayed for a while.

Back to car and drove back to Scorton.

Popped indoors to weigh children and then everyone else left.

I watched TdF and then Poldark before Naomi returned.

Went to bed about 10.30pm.

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Diary – Saturday 20th July 2019

Went to bed with stomach ache and woke up with stomach ache.

Got up at 8.30am, walked to shop and had a slow walk back realising I wasn’t feeling well.

Sat in lounge downstairs for breakfast and hardly moved all morning. Naomi went out for the day.

A bag of crisps at lunchtime and I started to feel a bit better.

Watched Tour de France review and then live stage.

Did a little gardening – trimming some rhododendrons.

Had a filled pitta bread for tea.

Watched TV in snug for evening

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Diary – Friday 19th July 2019

Up at 6.40am for last day of school year, breakfast and left house shortly after 7.30am.

Drove down to school, grabbed newspaper and then into school.

Set up for Early Birds and also set up a laptop to copy files from my memory pen. Session wasn’t too busy, kids were excited about end of year.

Left promptly and drove up to Calder Vale in heavy rain.

Leavers service at school was in school rather than church. Lasted half an hour.

Drove home and had enough time for a drink before walking back down to village.

Leavers service at St Peters.

There was a problem with sound on the AV system. I couldn’t solve it. We made do with PC sound and a microphone.

Took Pluto for a walk round block.

Back up to house for a small lunch.

And walked back down to village for staff do at the Barn. A nice time with other staff for a couple of hours. And walked home again.

Watched end of Tour de France.

And walked down to village again for BBQ and Kirstine’s house. Pluto was pleased and a bit confused to see me again. Stood around and chatted, had to hide in garage when it rained and then sat on decking.

Left at 7pm and walked home.

Naomi came home, we had tea in kitchen.

Sat in snug for rest of evening.

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Diary – Wednesday 17th July 2019

Up at 6.40am, breakfast and out at 7.40am.

Walked down to school for Early Birds club. Had one child who threw a tantrum.

On to prayer meetings not at school.

And then walked home.

Read paper and puzzles and then did another 10km row. A bit slower.

And then back down to village to walk Pluto round block.

And home again for lunch.

Time for a bit of housework.

And then back down to school for after-school club. We started outdoors but went in at snack time and then kids watched a film. Last ones were collected at 5.45pm.

Walked home.

Microwave meal for tea.

And then out to Lancaster for connect group meeting. Next study on Ezekiel. A good chat and prayer and only left at 9.45pm.

Home by 10pm, FaceTime chat with Naomi and then bedtime.

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Diary – Tuesday 16th July 2019

Up at 6.40am, breakfast and out at 7.25am.

Early Birds was busy with 20kids but everyone was quiet. Tired, perhaps, after a late night at play.

Came home, read paper then did 10km row. Under 45 mins again!

Then walked down to village and took Pluto round block.

Home for lunch.

A bit more kitchen sorting before heading back to school for after-school club.

We were outside. Started busy but numbers soon fell. Last pickup at 5.45pm.

Drove up to Calder Vale for end-of-year play. Robin Hood. Started indoors and went out for final song. Thankfully a bit shorter than the Scorton performance. Finished about 7.15pm.

Drove back to Scorton for B&B meeting about sharing out money. Started well but soon got a bit tetchy.

Finished about 9pm and drove home.

Sat in snug with a drink and did FaceTime with Naomi.

Bed at 10.30pm

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Diary – Monday 15th July 2019

Up at 6.40am, breakfast and out at 7.25am.

Early Birds went Ok, fairly quiet as often on a Monday.

Came home, read paper.

Got everything together and went to gym in Garstang. 1km row, weights and 5km on treadmill.

Drove home, showered and then took Pluto for a walk round block.


Did some work moving things back into kitchen.

Walked down to school for after-school club. Started late as children were practicing play in village hall. Whole session was outside. Finished at 5.30pm.

Drove home, had a sandwich and then drove back down to village.

School play started at 6.30pm. Finished at about 8pm.

Rushed out and drove to Lancaster.

Holiday club meeting at LBC. I took a boot full of cardboard. Finished at 9.30pm.

Drove home.

Sat in snug for a while before bed.

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Diary – Sunday 14th July 2019

Up at 8am, breakfast and left at 9.30am.

Drove to Lancaster, parked on Dalton Sq and then to LBC.

Lighthouse prep then service and upstairs for Lighthouse. A lively group time.

Then we went to Williamson Park for a church picnic. Maybe 30 of us. Bulgarian girls told me off for eating crisps!

Drove home, watched tennis and TdF while doing a 5km row.

Walked down to village for evensong at church. Danny did AV for me and I did a reading. Paul and Ruth gave me a lift home and came in to admire the kitchen.

Bed at 10pm.

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