Diary – Tuesday 20th February 2018

Up at 6.45am, breakfast and out at 7.30am.

Quiet at Early Birds, no-one checking on me. But glad to get outside.

Came home, read paper.

Up to office to start planning Jam club. Felt very out of practice.

Took a phone all from OPG auditor. He seemed rather confused.

Back down to village and took Pluto for a walk along Millennium way. It was lovely and sunny.

Came home. Steak sandwich for lunch.

And down to school in car for after-school club. We went outside until snack time. I got Miss Ross to prepare snacks. Told Mrs Hesketh to go home. :-). Last kids were collected by 5.45pm.

Drove to Preston. Training session about after-school clubs. Mostly a conversation with other people on my table about our experiences. Finished by 9pm and drove home.

Sat in snug with a drink before bed.

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Diary – Monday 19th February 2018

Up at 6.45am cos school is back on.

Out of house at 7.30am and a brisk walk down hill. So much nicer in the light even though it was a bit damp.

Mrs H beat me to school. She had me moving recycling bins.

Early Birds was quiet. Out at 8.40am and left school at 9am.

Took Pluto for a walk along Millennium way but he didn’t want to go very far.

Came home, read paper.

A quick session in office and then got ready for a trip to gym.

And out to Garstang.

Gym was quiet. Did a 1km row. 2:09 or so. Some weights. Treadmill. 5km run in 29:45.

Came home, showered, lunch.

Walked down to school in good time for after-school club. Introduced to new helper. mrs H did a bit of explaining, prepared snack, took register and then left us to it. Once staff children had left there were only 3 kids. Finished on time and walked home.

Steak for tea and an evening in snug.

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Diary – Sunday 18th February 2018

Up at 8am, breakfast. Left house just before 9.30am.

Remembered to stop at school to tend to guinea pigs and the drove to Lancaster. Was a very quick journey. Parked off Dalton Sq.

Nice and early to prep Lighthouse then down for service. Came out and after a brief all-together time we did biscuit-making and then into groups to look at Jacob and Esau. Nowhere near enough time to cover all I had prepared. Had a tea and a chat and headed home.

Had poppadoms as a starter to Sunday lunch and then chicken breasts.

We spent the afternoon in the garden doing lots of tidying. Came in.

Naomi went out to St T’s at 6pm.

I sat in snug and watched TV and surfed.

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Diary – Saturday 17th February 2018

Up at 8am, walked down to shop, tended to guinea pigs, came back and had breakfast in snug.

Then we left.

Drove to Middlesbrough in BMW. Stopped at Kirkby Stephen for a short walk. Saw quite a lot of snow on top. Stopped at Roman Road to buy lunch and then to Mayberry Grove.

Spent a while sorting through things in breakfast room, then did some garden tidying.

Yo Windermere grange and visited Betty.

To hospital to visit Richard. Parked at Belle Vue and walked along footpath that took us across railway. Then after visiting walked back along main road

Then drove to tip at Haverton Hill to dispose of six bags of rubbish.

Drove to Teesside Retail park. Walked around shopping area. Bought some running shorts for me.

Had tea at Pizza Express. I had a salad and a pizza. The pizza was enormous.

And then drove home with another stop at Kirkby Stephen. Never noticed before how so much of the motorway from Tebay to home is actually downhill. Fuel economy was great!! Home for about 9.30pm.

Unpacked car and retreated to snug for rest of evening.

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Diary – Friday 16th February 2018

Got up after Naomi and went down to shop, came home and ate breakfast in snug.

Walked back down to village for 9.30am. Did pewsheets copying with Anton at Vicarage, then walked round 3 churches to deliver them. Stopped at school to feed guinea pits and headed home.

Went to gym. Did a fast 1km row, some weights and then ran 5km on treadmill.

Came home and had lunch.

A quiet afternoon. Watched some Olympics, did some stuff on computer, prepped Lighthouse session.

Tipping Point and Pointless.

Naomi came home.

Turkey breasts for tea.

Played two rounds of Dominion. I won first, second was a draw.

Then watched the Last Leg.

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Diary – Thursday 15th February 2018

Woke with Naomi’s alarm and got up straight after her. So we had breakfast together in kitchen.

Then as she left for work I walked down to shop and came back with papers.

Sat in snug and read paper.

Tidied kitchen then up to office for a while.

And then time to head to Lancaster.

Job club in Ridge. Ha. It’s half-term so chippy was shut. Had to make do with a sandwich from shop. Job club was quiet. Only the usual three clients. Didn’t get away until 3.20pm.

Came home and decided to wash car and Naomi’s bike.

When Naomi came home I cooked some turkey steaks for tea. Everything was ready within 5 minutes.

Then we both went out for the evening. Me to a Bikes and Barrows meeting. Naomi to a meeting in Lancaster.

B&B meeting went on til 9.30pm. Sally gave me a lift home.

Sat in snug til bed-time.

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Diary – Wednesday 14th February 2018

Got up at 7.10am when Naomi’s alarm rang. Had breakfast together in kitchen after exchanging Valentines gifts and cards.

Naomi went off to work on bike and I sat in snug for a while.

Down to village for parish prayer meeting. Picked up papers and headed home.

Went straight out in car. Drove to health centre to pick up prescription. Then to BP garage. Hoped to find M&S dine in for two deal but no such luck. So drove into Garstang. Tried for same at Sainsbury’s and then Booths. Nothing. So headed home.

Sat for a while and read paper.

Did a 5000m row in a good time. So completed ValentinesChallenge.


Afternoon job was to do some work on village website. But, haha, it wasn’t accessible cos name has disappeared. Contacted Joanne and it was fixed by later. In meantime did a bit of tidying upstairs before starting the stuff I wanted to do.

Then prepared tea. Ended up a bit of a rush when nAomi got home; we ate and as soon as I finish I had to leave.

Drove to Lancaster, collected mArie and then round to Clive and Ruth’s for connect group. I led. Discussion around John 20. Followed by prayer. Finished a bit after 9.30pm and drove home.

Sat in snug for a While before bed.

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