Diary – November 4th

Pleased / relieved to find my bike tyre still inflated.  So it’s off to work on my bike and oops!, halfway along I noticed my front light missing. Aha! I took it ff while I was repairing the wheel last night. Quick phonecall to Naomi and hope that she can find it in the garage.

Morning was spent on the Web Authoring course. A complete self-study session: download a free xHTML/CSS template and modify it or write your own set of pages. So I downloaded something and played with the elements and changed things while marveling at how complex the code was.

A quick lunch and then a meeting with ISS about VMs. Ended with a quick one-to-one before I headed back to office for a very brief afternoon in the office. Well, mostly out of it, actually as I busied myself with various jobs.

Ride home was pleasant with a few sopts of rain that felt close to sleet. Didn’t feel it, but it was quite fast. My phone says I was doing 44kmh at one point.

Naomi bought fish & chips as she came home. They went down quickly and then we went out to the garage and did some more painting.

Back in the warm house I sorted out things for my trip. 2 nights’ gear fits nicely in a laptop bag. Went over emails and discovered some pre-course reading I hadn’t noticed before. Oops! Only 6 pages though. And a nice little diagram of “The ITIL Service Lifecycle”.

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