Diary – November 12th

Slept quiet soundly and even a few minutes late.
A routine start to the day. Colleague showed up a bit late because he was busy elsewhere (!)
We had morning break and talked about our issues.
I went and hid in the cyber labs again. ISS networking making my difficult by putting new network points on the wrong network. I’m confused by arbitrary failures of random systems when they are set up the same.
Shutdown the lab late afternoon in expectation of not doing anything tomorrow and then being away.
Our new printers are deployed and Ian was even persuaded to send out an email to tell everyone about them.

Left work a bit early as usual on a Wednesday. Nice to ride home in not quite complete darkness for once. I suppose that will be the last time.

Quick tea and out of the door and drive to Lancaster. Parking around Dalton Sq seemed busy so had to pay for parking. Guitar lesson was good – we played Paranoia and Money for Nothing. Paul was impressed with my playing and speed at picking things up.

Then off to connect group. Just 3 of us. We tried a Bible study but didn’t really get into next Sunday’s notes. Then chatted and prayed. Finished about 2115 and then drive home

Quick reprise of guitar lesson and a bit of TV before bed.

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