Diary – November 17th

So, another course, another early start. Alarm went off at 6am. Pitch black. Got myself sorted and was out of house shortly after 6.45am and arrived at Lancaster station shortly before 7.15. Train was on-time at 7.24. Lots of people but I had a seat reservation. Standing room only at preston. Went via Wigan so few stops.

At Manchester had time to leave suitcase at hotel, before heading to QA office. Course started on time. 7 of us. Lunch at about 1215. Went to costa for a panini and chai latte. Restarted at 1.10pm. Instead of doing talk, lab, talk, lab and talk, lab, we did all the talks and then all the labs at the end of the afternoon. I was finished shortly after 4pm.

Checked into Thistle hotel. Room ok, nothing special. Right next to lift and window looks into and internal courtyard. Unpacked then went down to gym. Equally unimpressive. One treadmill, one cross-trainer, one cycle and a weights machine. Pool looks lovely but is tiny. Still did a run of 2 miles in 21 mins.

Went out shortly after 6pm. Went down to Indian restaurant next to Novotel. Asked for the early evening special meal but never got poppadoms. :-(. Rest of meal was delicious. Then went for look at Christmas market. Had a good look but as rain came down decided to leave and head back to hotel.

Sat in room and re-read course material from today and then watched TV.

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