Diary – November 18th

Slept quite well, despite a few noisy disturbances.
Got up shortly after 7am. Ate a HUGE breakfast at Liz’s request.
Left hotel shortly after 8am. Went for walk over to Ashton basin and found geocache. Then took roundabout route to Piccadilly gardens


and then the QA office.

Day was divided into 4 sessions each with a lecture and then a lab. Coped ok except for the last session – WMI and CIM??

Spent the day talking to palace theatre on twitter about a ticket for the ballet. Walked to theatre at lunchtime but there was a queue so I gave up and returned along Portland St. Had enough time to pop in to music shop and had a little play on a Moog synth. 🙂

Course finished at about 4pm again. Back to the theatre, bought a ticket for ballet and returned to hotel. Down to gym, another 2-mile run and back to room.

Out again at about 6pm. Headed down Portland st to the rstaurant I noticed before advertising pre-theatre meals. Pate and pizza and then round to theatre.

Waited a while on foyer to read a bit of programme and then climbed stairs to “grand circle”. Stood at rear and marvelled at view and steepness.


There was a young woman doing exActly the same as me, even wanting to take a photo from the position I had taken from. She was in the seat right in from one of me so we chatted a bit

Ballet was good. A modern interpretation of Cinderella. It included a prelude and the end was just the two of them. Still enjoyed it.

Back to hotel and a glass of whiskey to calm down my vertigo nerves!!

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