Diary – November 19th

Funny to think that I started working at LU 30 years ago today.

So I woke up,just before 7am. Another big breakfast and then I went out for a long walk and tried for 2 geocaches but didn’t find either.

So arrived at QA classroom at about 0915. We covered 2 modules over the day, all about scripts, had a very early finish round about 3pm.

Back to hotel, went down to gym. Two other people there so I made do with a 17 minute bike ride.

Shortly after met Shona in foyer and we went to Zizzi’s. I had ravioli pescatore and a chocolate toffee nut sundae with a beer. After that we stood on the street corner and waited for Anne. Once she turned up we dumped her bag in my hotel room and then we set off along Portland St. Left Shona at her hotel and Ann and I trekked down Oxford Road to the Academy. I hadn’t realised just how far it was!!

Huge queue outside the building which confused us, but it was for a different gig. No problem getting a ticket. We got in to the venue just before the support band came on – Bad Touch. Not bad. They only played 30 minutes. Only a short break before Tyketto came on. They played for over an hour. I liked them.

Then we had to hike back to hotel. Ann collected he bag and left for the youth hostel and I went to bed.

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