Diary – November 20th

Woke up before 7am, got up and had breakfast. Feeling groggy from last night.
Went for a long walk up Oldham Street.
Course today was just 2 modules: remoting and “pulling it all together” which was moreorless one long lab session. Tutor told us some students take as long as 6 hours to complete it. Ha ha. Finished by 3pm, although I did do some copying from the answer book. Had a long chat with one of the other guys.

Walked to Reed agency and enquirers about registering with them. On was back found Adecco and had a quick chat there as well.

Popped into music shop,and had another quick play on a Moog.

Back to hotel, went down to gym. Got on treadmill but gave up after 5 minutes. Think my legs are suffering after standing all evening. Changed to cross-trainer and then recumbent cycle.

After changing went out for tea. Decided to try Armenian Tavern. Ordered taboullah


and Armenian goulash


which Sylva queried until waiter told me real Armenian word.

Back to hotel shortly after 7pm and settled down in front of TV.

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