Diary – November 27th

Not a good night’s sleep – I had a nightmare. Woke myself and Naomi by shouting ‘hello’. And then slept in a little so rushed morning.

First morning back on RX9. 🙂 so back to route along Long Lane and Chipping Road after 6 weeks. Nothing changed.

Spent most of day working in Cyber Sec lab. This is a ridiculous way to set up  a lab. Gave up in afternoon as the systems were losing their network connection. Back in office my own PC did the same and someone from the dept came to say he was having network problems.

Lunchtime was weekly IT reps lunch chat. Bit of joking about me not having any courses. Had a chat with union rep while no-one else was around.

At home it was a quick tea and then I was out to Lancaster for LBC members’ meeting. It was a long one. Didn’t get home until gone 10pm. Bed.

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