Diary – December 19th

Cold weather has returned. And wind. Hard work riding to work.
Surprised at how many people were at work day after Christmas do.
Major issue of day was a member of admin staff who managed to install a load of malware on her PC. Left to me to reinstall windows.
In afternoon Ian and I went over to ISS for their Christmas party. Much smaller than last year. Only food was mince pies and only entertainment seemed to be a quiz. We gave up after an hour and headed back to Infolab.
Did a bit more work on Barbara’s PC and then left at about 4pm.
Had a bit of time to myself so did some early evening guitar practice.
After tea was just about to start on cards when Naomi sent text to ask for pick-up from bus stop.
Once home we cracked on with writing cards trying not to be too distracted by TV.

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