Diary – December 26th

A slow start to the day.
Bacon and sausage butties for breakfast and then we headed off.
I carried the blue box from the house to the car which was a mistake as it was very heavy.
Stopped at house and sifted through some papers. Found fridge-freezer was a mess so switched it off and cleaned up ice, making us later than planned.
Stopped at Subway on Roman Rd for lunch and then on to home for a brief visit. Tried to talk about power of attorney but didn’t get far.
Went back to house and made sure there wasn’t too much water draining out of freezer and took back of freezer contents to bin.
And so we set off back to home at about 4pm. Remembered to avoid the football ground and surprised thee was no trait around the shopping centre.
Some foggy stretches along A66 but that cleared up as we got over top of Pennines. Then it was clear until somewhere down M6 when rain started and got quite heavy.
But it stopped before we got to Lancaster where there were large puddles.
Stopped to see Helen and Dave for a while and then home.
Had enough time for a play of Ticket to Ride before bed.

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