Diary – January 1st 2015

A new year- 2015!!
Got off to a bad start when I went down to the village shop and found it still closed at 0830 and no indication of when it would be open.
Headed home, had breakfast and called to make sure the shop was open before walking down again. At least tony wasn’t behind his front door complaining about how late I had delivered his paper!!
It was surprisingly warm out, but turning increasingly wet through the day.
Naomi got up just before lunchtime.
I spent ages trying to get the fire going downstairs. It did go eventually but only after the room had filled with smoke. I think we need to have the chimney inspected.
I spent an hour or so playing kinect sports and felt the after-effects the day after.
We managed a 3-course evening meal: soup, tuna pasta bake and apple crumble and played Agricola before heading to bed.

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