Diary – January 6th 2015

Oh dear! I slept even later this morning. Out of bed almost half an hour later than I should be. So it was a quick breakfast and walk before jumping on my bike just a few minutes late.

What a dark morning! A couple of close shaves on the way: a guy on a recumbant bike who didn’t look over his shoulder before pulling out of the traffic line and a dog walker who stepped on to the road in front of me without looking.

And Infolab was warm. First job was to find my Infolab access card and library card. Found them in the first place I looked. 🙂

Headed up to labs late morning to do some software installs. Missing our lab technician who is on sick leave. Hoped to find Estates had been out to paint over stains from leaking roof but not done yet.

Got email from HR to arrange final consultation about my redundancy. 😦

In the afternoon Ian and I set to with 8 replacement disks from Dell. Swap out old disk and install new one, boot system from CD and start install. Return an hour later to add system to domain and then leave overnight while it installs software!

It was almost light as I set off for home.

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