Diary – January 8th 2015

Back to normal wake up time. It was another dark morning.

Had a go in the MSc lab to try and tidy up the cabling but couldn’t do much because of position of desks.

ISS said they had fixed the samba acc4ss problem in our lab but when i tried it still didn’t work.

At lunchtime we had the regular IT reps get-together, talked mostly about Steve’s retirement.

After that Ian and I set to and took several servers out of the racks in our server room

Then I got in on an email conversation about reconfiguring the hard disk on one of our virtual servers. Not sure if I should just go ahead and do it.

Ride home got interested as I got suddenly tired along Long Lane and then had a real struggle getting up the hill on our lane. Felt the effects all evening.

After tea I called one of my uncle’s friends and arranged to visit together to try and sort out a power of attorney form. And maybe we’ll have lunch with my sister.

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  1. Nice post!! – well written!!!

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