Diary – January 12th 2015

Slept well given I was nervous about today’s events.

My, it was dark this morning! Even when I was ready to leave on my bike it was dark enough to have full headlight on. And it was windy, but when it wasn’t blowing me sideways it was behind so I made good time to work.

Didn’t do an awful lot in the morning, talking to colleagues about our job situation.

So, meeting at 1250. Already knew from Ian and union rep what was going to be said. So it was all very matter-of-fact. “we did this, you did that, we said x and you said y and so…”.  Was expecting to be shown the door this Friday but now find I will probably have to hang around for another two weeks before I can go on garden leave.

IT director came by for a chat in the afternoon and I had a chat with another prof who is quite amazed at how I/we have been treated.

Set off for home 4.30 ish. So almost home in the light.

Started boiling up chicken bones to make stock and then also made up some chicken risotto. Looks like I made enough for an army.

Out tomorrow evening so need to do extra guitar tonight.

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