Diary – January 25th 2015

Ah. At least on a Sunday I can lie in a little, so I only got out of bed at 8am.

And then left at about 9.40am heading to LBC. Made a short diversion to work to pick up a couple of boxes from office.

Went out with kids and supervised decorating of paper fish to illustrate the calling of the first disciples. After service we had lunch together and then a session of the church Vision and all ministries giving a brief report. So I talked about Connect groups.

Home for about 3.30pm. Naomi and I composed an email to the uni pension advisor and after a quick tea Naomi went out to church.

I lapsed into usual Sunday evening activities: play guitar, play music, write blog, get stuff ready for travelling to work in the morning. Odd to think it’s the last Sunday I’ll be doing that.

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