Diary – January 28th

A bit of a wild day. I times my walk to the village with a heavy rain shower so ended up wondering about not cycling. But by the time I was heading back up the hill the rain had stopped and the dark cloud had passed over.

So a very windy ride to work. Quite hard work cycling against the wind most of the way.

So Wednesday is the day when I start by doing Linux server updates. For the last time. Then we had a long tea break.

Walked out of office at 11.15am or so. Headed up to chap centre, jumped in car and headed home. As expected, gave myself too much time so went home and made a sandwich.

Down to school and Jam Club. We did the story of Zaccheus. As I was reading the story one of the ladies started handing out the puppets which dis acted the kids which was a bit annoying. We then tried to act out the story.

Back to campus cleaned out one inbox, mailed HoD to ask if I can take my computer home. Tea break at 3 and then snow / hail started so I made ready to head home. By the time I was ready to go the clouds had cleared and there was blue sky. So it was another windy ride, but the view of the sunset as I rode along Long Lane was lovely.

Wednesday evening as usual – quick microwave tea, out in car for guitar lesson and then off to Karen’s for connect group. Nice chat with Sarah before guitar lesson. Lesson was good again.
At connect group we did the first of a Lent series of studies and then discussed the promised bad weather.
Home for 2130 and time for a guitar reprise.

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