Diary – February 2nd 2015

So, the first day of the rest of my life. 🙂

Didn’t wake up until 7.15am which was a promising start. My Saturday order now applies every day: get up and go for walk to get newspapers before having breakfast.

It was quite cold first thing thing but with no wind at all didnt feel so bad. Car was frosty but road was dry so no ice.

Sat with Naomi while we had breakfast and then she left for work. She had locked remote control for garage in car so I had to go out with her to open door. Felt like I was making sure she left. 🙂

Time for some housework: put away washed clothes, stripped bed and put sheets in washing machine.

Played some guitar and then it was time to head down road for Scorton Bible study group. That was a nice way to start my new regime. A nice bunch of caring people, even if I was the youngest by a lot of years. We read a week’s worth of UCB “Word for Today” notes.

Home for 1230, put out washing and had some lunch. Started to unpack the boxes I brought home from work.

1415 headed out again. Walked down to Barn and met June and Barbara to talk about and plan Jam club. Well, that didn’t take much of our time but we had a good chat about other matters. Big surprise was that the lady who owns the Barn approached me about giving her daughters private computer lessons. Never done ANYTHING like that before but mother seemed quite keen on the idea. Major issue seems to be that little girl isn’t sure what she wants help with. Left them to talk and get in touch with me.

Home for about 1630. Time to play some music.
Naomi came home from work, I made us tea and then she went out again.
I pottered and sat in front of TV from 9pm. Watched a rather implausible film set in Antarctica.

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