Diary – February 3rd 2015

No more detail on how I get up!

So Naomi left for work and I immediately swung into action. It took me about half an hour to hoover around the house plus another 10 minutes to do the stairs. Then set to in kitchen / utility areas with brush and then mop. The laminate flooring certainly looks better for it.

The out in the car.  Headed along back roads past Barnacre to collect two geocaches to fill in another day on my geocaching calendar. Then round to Booths for a shop. Popped into car accessory shop for scrapers and a wiper blade for the Jag. And got home about mid-day.

As I was having lunch sun was streaming through window. Decided a walk was in order and Nicky Nook was an easy option. Not many people about. Took me about half an hour to get to the top

Nicky Nook

Nicky Nook

including a few minutes hunting for a geocache. Stopped to eat a chocolate bar but then the sun went in and the temperature dropped quickly. Decided to go round the loop instead of heading straight back down. Total time out just under 2 hours.

Naomi came home, we had tea and we played on the Wii for a while

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