Diary – February 4th 2015

The day started abruptly when the phone rang at about 8am. It was the Chubb engineer just calling to confirm he would be at the house at about 9am to do the inspection.

So that was my first part of the morning sorted. I sat in the kitchen reading the newspaper while he wandered around the house setting off the alarm and made sure everything was working. It only took him about 20 minutes.

I headed up to my office and did a bit of tidying up, played guitar.

Tried washing upstairs windows but I think that’s one job that does need doing frequently to keep on top of the dirt.

JAM Club went well. The kids interact with me which is an improvement. We didn’t have the puppets so the kids weren’t distracted. We acted out a story of a farmer struggling to unearth a huge turnip and related that to the Bible story of the widow’s mite.

Walked home, had lunch. Another sunny afternoon so I went out and chopped some wood



that’s only from 30 minutes sawing. Remembered to replace the broken windscreen wiper on the Jag. Came inside and practised guitar some more. Remembered to trim hair before we go away tomorrow!!!

Then things got a little different. On Wednesdays I’m used to rushing home from work, grabbing a quick microwave meal and almost immediately heading out of the house with my guitar. So today, with a little thought, I found some left-overs in the freezer. Defrosted it, added some extra veg and had half for my tea and left the rest for Naomi’s tea. Much better than my microwave option and rather cheaper!!!

So, off to guitar lesson. Asked my teacher about what I was imagining in my head when I messed around on my high E scale so we did some more 12-bar blues and then 8-bar blues. And then some BB King riff that I know we’ve covered before but I was much quicker at picking it up. Really had fun!!

Then round to Paul and Denise’s for a quick chat. Honoured that Paul delayed his bike ride to stay and chat. After he had gone we had a quick pray and then I headed home.

I think I remembered my guitar lesson well enough.

My what a lot I write now I don’t spend my day in the office!!!

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