Diary – February 11th 2015

Was awake at old work get-up time. 😦
Got up, breakfast watching news then walked to shop. Surprisingly cold. Brrrr.
Then a few minutes after getting home Naomi took me down to village again in hope of attending prayer meeting. But room was locked at what we thought was the start time. Need to find someone to confirm start time so I can attend in the future. So, returned home. Drizzle had stopped so hung washing outside.
Retreated to office. Tried to play guitar but struggled to remember what we played a week ago.
Headed down to village at midday for JAM club at school. Went well. We read the story of the Good Samaritan and then acted it out. I played the part of the donkey. 🙂
Back home for lunch.
Remembered at last to check car tyre pressures – they were very low. And the car drives so much better. Something I must check more frequently.
Spent the afternoon in my office, played guitar a bit, did some online research, unpacked my boxes of books I brought back from LU.

Early tea by myself – sausage casserole from the slow cooker. Then out for the evening. Guitar lesson was good. We did some more work on the blues riff we’ve been working on, added another phrase and added chords at the end of each phrase. Then we changed to drop D tuning and played some stuff that reminded me of Rammstein.
Then off to Connect group, had a good chat, did a short Bible study looking at when Jesus was tempted and prayed together.
Home for about 2130. Time to do a reprise of my guitar lesson and make some notes before winding down with a whisky.

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