Diary – February 14th 2015

Got up, down to shop for papers, ate breakfast and washed Naomi’s car before she got up.
We went for a walk round garden, noticing that daffodils are about to flower.
Then into car and drove over to Middlesbrough. Stopped at Mainsgill for lunch but it was too busy. Drove on and stopped at Morrisons in Darlington and bought sandwiches and ate on bench in car park. Then drove to Middlesbrough and care home. Chatted with Richard and Betty for over an hour before they got call for afternoon tea. Richard seems happier. He doesn’t use so many long words so is easier to follow but he’s having problems finding the right words sometimes. From there we went to their house and spends 2 1/2 hours doing some tidying and sorting paperwork and brought a load of papers back with us.
Set off home in the dark. It was quite mostly on the east side but clear on the west. Home shortly after 8pm.
Got tea on the go quickly. The valentines dinner from booths: smoked salmon pate, fillet steak with peppercorn sauce, roast vegetables, marble chocolate tarts and a bottle of Rioja.

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