Diary – February 17th 2015

Slept well. Seems to be a restless night and then a good night’s sleep!!
Looked as if the sun was just about to come over the hilltop as I was out getting the papers.
After a morning pottering around the house doing bits and pieces, decided to go for a run; I guess by the time I was ready it was about the same as if I was at work. Ran down the lane, through Scorton and up Tithebarn lane and along higher lane and then back home along Snowhill lane. Something like 3.25km in 21:43. I want to be a lot faster than that!!
Shower, lunch and then got ready to go for a bike ride. Ha, should have checked on the wind as well as rain. I rode all the way to Knott End with the wind in my face. 19km in an hour. And when I got to the end of the road, the cafe was closed. Couldn’t be bothered to find somewhere else in the village so turned around and rode back home. Knocked about 10 mins off with the wind behind me.
Once home, thoughts turned to tea: pancakes and fillings. Walked down to shop for eggs, but no chocolate sauce. Took suggestion of melting a bar of chocolate. Back home I roasted some squash and then set about making a chocolate sauce by melting chocolate, adding some butter and just a dash of Bailey’s. :-).
And then made some batter.


Tea went very well. Then retreated upstairs and watched TV.
I’m wondering how I will feel in the morning after all that exercise!!

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