Diary – February 18th 2015

Started day with a good chat about giving things up for Lent. Jonty suggested not listening to radio in car. I haven’t really given any thought to giving up something this year; is it too late to suggest I give up work for Lent?
So after breakfast I got myself sorted and headed out for a walk around Bleasdale to grab some geocaches. Enjoyed driving the car on empty back roads. Parked car on Delphi Lane with a plan to do one loop then move car and do another loop. But changed plans, left car and did a longer walk in a figure of eight. 12km or so and found 14 caches of the 15 I had planned. Another day crossed off my geocaching calendar. Took 3 1/2 hours.
Drove home for a late lunch and felt absolutely exhausted.
So a quiet afternoon. Spent a few minutes looking at old screwdriver and established the pus is bust. A replacement would cost £30 but a new screwdriver not much more.
Late afternoon set about preparing and Abel & Cole recipe for tea – beet root risotto with horseradish. Tasted quite nice but not the horseradish kick I was hoping for.
It’s half-term so no guitar lesson, so a bit more relaxed tea-time but still went out at 7.15pm for connect group. Looked the the wedding at Cana. And had a good chat.
Home for about 2130.

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