Diary – February 19th 2015

After Naomi went to work I jumped in car to grab a geocache. Nearest one to find was at Cabus. A quick drive in the car slowed down by farmers who appeared to be laying a temporary pipe along the roadside. Took a couple of minutes to find the geocache and then returned straight home. Another day ticked off on my geocaching calendar 🙂
Judith arrived at about 1030am and we set off down to preston. Caught in slow traffic so we only got to steam train station at about 1115. Looked round shop, went round museum of trains but then Logan decided he didn’t want to go on train after all. So we went outside and got on old bus to museum. Drove around suburbs to Museum of Lancashire and we alighted.
Stopped at cafe before doing anything else. After lunch I went off with Logan. We didn’t really look at much, just walked through rooms and ran up and down stairs. He calmed down a bit and we looked at the tank. Managed to slow down a bit and look at some displays. Then we caught the bus back to the steam train station. Another look round the shop and a quick visit to the workshop to see trains being rebuilt.
Then we got in the car and headed home. Judith dropped me off about 1630.
Surprised how tired I felt. Watched TV until Naomi came home.
Made tea, watched TV.

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