Diary -February 26th 2015

Well, an exciting start to the day as the DPD website said my synth was due to be delivered today. 

Kind of messed up what I had planned, but DPD are good enough to give a one hour window of delivery time. 

So set myself up in the snug with a cup of tea and started playing on Wii and van was outside window within 5 minutes. What a big heavy box!!  Didn’t take me long to unpack it and plug it in. It looks amazing!!

And it sounds prett good too

Had a quick play and then drove down to Garstang. Had a good look round the weekly market – it’s not that impressive. Found a mains lead for the Xbox PSU and then did a quick shop in Booths. 

Headed home and it was time for lunch. Decided to have some fun and bake some cupcakes; lime and chilli flavour.   It worked, but a very mild flavour

Spent the afternoon playing a bit more on Wii, then played on Xbox to check new PSU and did some YSFe exercises, tried sounds on synth and did some guitar practice as well. Remembered to do some research for Messy Church planning meeting. 

Cooked smoked haddock for tea and then we headed down to village for Messy church planning meeting. Walked down  and had lovely views of stars and planets.  Meeting went well and then we headed back about  2100. 

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