Diary – March 1st 2015

Out to LBC for the morning service. Sermon was on theme of “blessed are the persecuted”. Had a few good chats after the service.   

Drove home and then we set out to Blackpool. bispham to be exact. Looked for somewhere to grab lunch now the way but ended up buying salad at bispham and driving on to prom to eat where we didn’t have any view at all. 

So then found friend’s house. They wanted to visit Barton Grange so we all got in the car and headed there. Unfortunately we were just behind an accident on the A6 just short of Barton Grange; couldn’t see how to get round so we turned round and went to Myerscough College again. Looked round the greenhouses and pleased to see some colour

And then to the cafe for cake. It started snowing while we were there. 

Then drove back to bispham, played some games for a while before deciding it was time we were on our way. 

Rather than heading straight home we drove down Blackpool prom and stopped at Harry Ramsden’s for fish and chips. Weather when we finished was horrible; strong winds and rain / sleet / snow so ewe jumped into car and headed straight home. 

There was still some lying snow as we got home and our lawn was white. 

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