Diary – March 3rd 2015

Slept in – woken by Naomi’s alarm.

So routine was all delayed and I was still having breakfast when plumber arrived. After a quick check he left to buy parts and returned after a half hour. He was then here all morning. He fixed the toilet, I think he fixed the leak under the bath and we talked about CH boiler service and bathroom refit. Turns out he fitted the en-suite quite a long time ago.So he was here til late morning meaning I didn’t get much done.

Once he’d gone I had lunch and then headed down to local school. Spent an hour there helping with reading. Sat with 3 children. The first one read for ages – I think she wanted to finish her book.

Came home and did 30 minutes on YSFE.

Walked down to village to meet Naomi and we drove to Blackpool to meet Helen. Then drove to Preston Railway station. Chaos as no trains running to north. But Helen’s train left on time.

We stopped at Wetherspoon’s for tea and then drove home up A6. Got back to  very warm house; it seems I pressed the wrong button for the CH earlier!! 🙂

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