Diary – March 4th 2015

So the day started at home with housework: laundry and dusting. Weather was good all day so the laundry went outside and was all dry by late afternoon. 

Needed to find a geocache for my calendar so went for a drive along Strickens Lane but couldn’t find geocache. Not sure it’s even there any more. Headed home and pottered around until it was time to head down to the school for JaM club. Nice to see Linda and Dennis again. I read the story of Jesus calming the storm and the kids enjoyed acting out the story. When club finished we went over to the Barn for a chat and catch-up. 

Once home decided I had to try for another geocache. Drove over to Winmarleigh and was successful. 

I did fit in some guitar playing through the day and called the bank to arrange for LPA access to uncle’s accounts. 

Cooked up some spicy mice for tea with two chillis. 

Drove to Lancaster for guitar lesson. A6 was very busy. Got a longer lesson as previous student wasn’t there. Learned some Purple Haze and other things. 

Then off to connect group where we had someone new joined us. 

And home for 10pm

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