Diary – March 6th 2015

Another unremarkable day staying at home.

After breakfast I decided I needed some exercise and went for a brisk walk mostly along the road. Just over 3km in total and only took about 45 mins. Oh, and I grabbed a geocache. 🙂 afterwards I found I felt an awful lot better – no more aching around my hips. 

Spent the rest of the day at home pottering around doing a bit of cleaning, tidying and prep for the weekend.  Chopped up a load of logs for the fie and kindling. 

Had to share my soup at lunchtime as Naomi came home from work. 

Planted some more seeds in the hope that we are past the cold nights now and moved them all to the greenhouse. The sun came out for a while and flowers reacted. Her are some of our crocuses

After tea we drove to Lancaster. A quick shop at booths which seems a very small shop now that I’m used to the Garstang shop and then on to the railway station. Train was late so ewe had to hang around; why are railway stations  always so cold. 

Train arrived, hurried guests into car and headed home. Got a fire going in the snug and it soon got very warm but our visitors went to bed very early. 

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