Diary – March 10th 2015


I really should stop and write my diary before I go to bed and not leave it until the next day or even the next evening.

So, yesterday,  erm….., was Tuesday.

For the first time this year the sun was over the top of the hill as I did my newspaper run and it was blindingly bright as I came back up the hill.

Pottered around the house doing bits and pieces in the morning and then headed into Garstang (in the car) mid-morning. Appointment at bank at 1100 to arrange access to uncle’s accounts. Was rather frustrating as his main account is a joint one and so I need agreement of both parties… One step forward and two steps backwards!!!

Did a bit of shopping at Booths and came home Quick lunch and then down to school for my reading support session. Had to use head-mistress’s office again. This time I had kids from top class so reading was much better and stories were more coherent. Could have carried on for longer than my allotted hour!

Then home and Paul and Denise came round to visit after they had walked up Nicky Nook.  I think if I hadn’t been out they would have invited me to walk with them. Never mind.

After they had gone I had time to prepare something for tea and then go upstairs and play guitar. Also had time for a YSFE session.

When Naomi came home we had tea and then headed out to OMF meeting. It was a good one cos we actually had a REAL LIVE missionary with us. But with extra visitors the room was very warm and I could have quite easily fallen asleep.

and back home for 10.

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