Diary – March 11th 2015

Ooo. Newsagent gave me a free copy of the Daily Express today. A different viewpoint on the world. perhaps.

It was a nice start to the day but changed mid-morning to rain. I’d spent the morning doing stuff online cooped up in my office. Bad timing…

So, JaM club at lunchtime. Dennis was kind enough to drive over to pick me up. That meant we were all at the school very early so had time to chat in the staff room.

Club went well, despite Linda’s absence. Learning about the triumphal entry. We acted it out and I was the donkey. It did feel that with JaM club and the reading visits I’m getting to know the kids and they me. That’s good. Walked home afterwards to include a couple of errands so got a bit wet.

Felt like I spent the afternoon running up and down stairs. But I think I spent quite a lot of time with my guitar.  Anyway, the afternoon went quickly. It’s good that I now have enough time to do something about tea so I don’t always eat microwave meals.

And off to guitar lesson. I played through a different amp. Teacher said it was a nice sound for playing blues. I played our blues riff from a couple of weeks ago and he was very impressed how clean my playing was. Then we looked at ‘Wipeout’. He was well impressed how quickly I picked it up and had my fingers in the right places. And he told me to look out for backing tracks on Youtube.

From there I went to my Connect group. Well, there were only two of us. We knew that in advance. So we had a cup of tea and good chat before I headed home.

So I was home early enough for a good lesson reprise and some other stuff before bed.

I’ve written 300 words about today!!

And just to report that I took guitar teacher’s advice, found a clip on youtube:


and played along with it. Excellent!

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