Diary – March 12th 2015

today is my car’s 10th birthday!!

Thought I was having a quiet morning today, started with laundry and guitar sat down with a book on woodland management. got an email to say there’s a new geocache at Forton. 

Jumped on bike and rode to Forton. Spent a while there but couldn’t find geocache. And then very disappointed when someone else logged that then had found it. 

Got home and soon after got phone call from Paul asking if I was up for a bike ride. Said yes. Was tHen rush to have lunch and get ready ha, I had washed my cycling shirt and track-suit bottoms so had to put on CH to get them dry. 

So we left shortly after 1pm. Rode from house along Higher Lane and turned onto bridleway up Grizedale. At fell end farm farmer shouted at us and pointed out diversion. It was hard going through muddy fields before we got bck to the designated path. Then onto the road through Oakenclough, along Strickens Lane, past Kenlis Arms and then onto canal. A long slow slog along the muddy sections, glad of the harder surface through Garstang. Paul got a puncture somewhere round Garstang and we had a long stop while he repaired it. Came off canal at Cabus Nook and I had a puncture and so did Paul. Mine was only slow so I left him and headed home. Had to stop a couple of times to reinflate. Home for about 4pm. 

Time for a quick shower and wasn’t long before Naomi was home. Made liver risotto for tea and then we collapsed in front of TV. 

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