Diary – March 14th 2015

A bit of a slow day. I was feeling like my cold was starting to get the better of me so left Naomi to go for a walk round the woods by herself.

I collected some stones from the stream to be painted for Messy Church.

Only after lunch did we venture out in the car and headed to Deepdale. Who would have thought I could get excited about visiting a hobby (craft) shop?? Some acrylic paint and brushes, stick-on eyes and some sugar paste. Most of that is for our Messy Church on Thursday. Wandered round a few other shops including a new Ultimate Outdoors shop which also had a cafe… Cue drink and cake stop.

When we left we were concerned about football traffic so headed east and took a rather roundabout route around the north-east side of Preston before returning to the A6 and Fulwood. I don’t think we saved any time really and it was interesting to discover new roads and villages not far from home.

Stopped at Booths to get something for tea and Sunday lunch.

So tea was duck legs in sweet chilli sauce on vegetable noodles and then we collapsed in front of the TV watching the Voice.

Last thing I did before bed was to fry the joint for Sunday lunch and leave it in the slow cooker.

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