Diary – March 20th 2015

And feeling a little bit better again. So did my morning newspaper round walk, albeit a little bit more gently than usual.

Saw a comment on facebook about bird behaviour being a little bit different and had to agree they did seem a little agitated.

Got back from walk and switched on TV to see latest eclipse news. Looking outside didn’t look promising as it was very cloudy.

It was interesting to see when and by how much the light would fail. What was very pleasing was that there was a hole in the dense cloud just a few minutes before the height of the eclipse and I could see it quite clearly


after that excitement went for a quick geocaching trip and found ‘three tunnels’. Pleasing as I did try to find this one a while ago and failed. This time I didn’t rely solely on my gps but guessed at where a cache might be hidden. Drove back to village and popped into Barn for bird food before heading home.

Then spent the afternoon indoors.

Naomi came home from work and we spent the evening in the Snug with the TV. Watched Gardeners’ World and then Stargazing live. Except it wasn’t live, it was mostly about the morning’s eclipse

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