Diary – March 21st 2015

Still feeling like I’m full of cold. 😦

it was a very clear morning. From the lane I could hills in what I think is North Wales and some cloudy bits in front of them – was it misty there?

After a slow morning the weather was much improved and we deiced to go out for the day. 

Drove out to Marshaw and then through Trough of Bowland. Stopped for a geocache at church at Dunsop Bridge but didn’t find it. Stopped in village, went for a short (one hour) walk and then into post office cafe for lunch. 

Back in car and drove to Clitheroe. looked round exhibition in visitor centre then round shops and then climbed up to castle. Came back down and stopped at cafe Nero for drink and cake and then back to car and headed home via Longridge and Broughton. 

A light tea and then we headed out to Lancaster for Jay Diggins concert. We were first in the theatre. Sadly there were only two dozen or so people in the audience. There was a young woman singer/songwriter, then Mark Moriss and then Jay Diggins and his band. Found out his guitarist plays with a e-bow. It was a good evening. 

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