Diary – March 25th 2015

i slept in. 🙂 was a bit restless early morning and then didn’t wake up until 7.30am. So my whole morning routine got delayed. It was chilly outside. 

Did some hoovering and some window cleaning, preparing evening meal in the morning is kind of strange. But slow cookers are great. 

Even had some time to do guitar playing in the morning. 

Wednesday lunchtime is Jam club at school. The last one before Easter and the last lunchtime one as we move to after-school next term. We looked at the story of the empty tomb, read the story and then acted it out. Kids loved the acting bit. 

Came home, had some lunch then tried to do some digging in garden. Didn’t last v long. Not sure if lack of strength was due to cold hanging on or after-effects of my YSFE session. 

Had time for some more guitar and did some tidying before Wednesday evening kicked in. 

Had tea by myself, then Naomi came home, and soon after I went out to Lancaster. Guitar lesson went Ok; I should think before suggesting really complicated tunes to learn!! Then connect group with Karen and Denise. And then home for 2130. 

Write up some notes from guitar lesson. 

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