Diary – April 2nd 2015

a funny start to the day as Naomi was in Easter break so it felt like I couldn’t do my usual morning routIne!! 🙂

So after breakfast with the weather looking not too bad we set off in the car and drove to Beacon Fell. We took a rather roundabout route as 8 was just guessing on the turns to make but we got there eventually and even approached on the road where we wanted to park. 

Walked to the fell and then skirted round the South East side before climbing to the top. Tried for 3 geocaches but only found one. Weather was lovely. 


From summit descended to cafe for lunch then walked back to car. Returned home. 

Sitting around house from 1530 waiting for an Amazon delivery. I got bored and did a YSFE session. During that phone rang and it was delivery man to say he would arrive in 30 mins. So brought session to an early end, but it was still 100+ kcal and I got an achievement!!

So delivery arrived, men were happy to carry box downstairs and then we unpacked our new rowing machine and put it together and then we each had a quick go


Then Naomi ordered a Chinese take-away and went out to collect it. And after demolishing it we retreated upstairs and watched TV. I got an email to say I wasn’t needed at church in the morning which was a relief. 

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