Diary – April 5th 2015

Easter Sunday. he is Risen!!

And we had an early rise. My alarm went at 0550 and we were out of the door at 0615. Drove to the bottom of Nicky Nook and joined people from other local churches walking up to the top for a sunrise service. We did very well singing without any instruments. Lynne and Gordon from SCC were there so had a quick chat. After at 15 minutes service we headed back down and drove down to the Methodist chapel for bacon butties. Had a good chat with a few people – it felt to me that we are getting to be part of the local community. 

Home for about 8am just as in-laws were getting ready for breakfast so had my second breakfast. Have to say that Booths black pudding is very tasty and adds something to a cooked breakfast. 

I left the house at 0940, picked up Elsie in village and drove to Lancaster.  Got there very early but that meant we got on-street parking for free. Service was lots of singing, a short sermon and then baptism of a young woman and some time to chat over a cup of tea. Elsie was most impressed with the whole thing. 

Home for about 1pm and lunch was almost ready. Roast leg of lamb which was quite a challenge to carve. Ate in the dining room.  Meat was very tasty. 

Bit of a slow afternoon. In-laws went out to walk up Nicky Nook. I decided to do a YSFE session. Achieved an objective. Did some ball kicks, skipping, running, cardo boxing and sports prep. The last one was hard work and I gave up. 

Had a bit of a pick and mix for tea and I washed it down with a banana bread beer

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