Diary – April 6th 2015

we woke to fog. After breakfast we all got in the car and set off for Coniston. Weren’t sure what it was going to be like in the fog, but amazingly as we got to the village the fog lifted and we could see the mountain with blue sky above it. 

We had set off so late that our first port of call had to be a pub for lunch. We went to the Black Bull. Rob and I went straight for the Bluebird bitter, brewed locally. Not sure it was quite on-site, but not far off. I had beef chilli to eat; it was presented really nicely. 


But you can hardly see the nachos and dips in this photo. 

Once replete we set off on a walk. Through the village and then along the path next to the road all the way to the top of the lake. Naomi and I were reminiscing about our canoe course which spent a day on Coniston. I tried to find a geocache but failed. Then we turned around and headed back towards the village but turned left onto a track down to the water where there were loads of people. And then along another road back to the village. Had an ice-cream and then jumped back into the car and headed for home. Paused at Windermere to admire view over water and then took a minor road which took us along the Lyth valley. 

A tea of bits and pieces. Sat in snug until bed time

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