Diary – April 10th 2015

an early start. So last night I agreed to cycle to campus with Naomi in the morning. How is it that my body know I need to be awake that bit earlier?? It was just like the “good old days” when I was working. Get up, shower, breakfast, walk to village. 

So we left on our bikes some time after 8am and rode up the lane and along the side of the lake before hitting the road. Very quiet, of course, with it still being school holidays. Stopped where Naomi parks her bike and when she was sorted I left and headed for the woodland trail to go round campus before heading home. 

Arrived just before 10am. Time to catch up on reading newspaper the other stuff I do every morning. Then in the hunt for magnets. Once found did a quick trip out in care: buy petrol,  deliver magnets to Dennis, buy card at Barn and then home. Delighted at Barn to hear a voice saying: “Hello, Mr Elliott”. One of the children from the school who I do reading support with. 

Had lunch and then walked down to village to post card. 

Returned and time for the big afternoon job – mowing the lawns. Did the street verge first. Feels very public spirited doing the roadside. Whole process took the best part of 2 hours. I wonder how far I walked?

Glad for a sit down and a cup of tea and it feels like I got a bit sun-burned. 

Naomi was a bit later than normal as she was cycling and then I made risotto for tea with left-over pork. 

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