Diary – April 16th 2015

Well, here we go; my last day as an employee of Lancaster University and I guess my last day as an IT manager…

Spent the morning indoors doing housework and form filling for the COP application. So the morning ended up with another walk down to the village. 

Came home and decided to do a YSFE session before having lunch. Did a long sports prep routine as well as cardio boxing. Something over 100kCal but at some point the Xbox wasn’t connected to the Internet so the game failed to register all but the last routine so it only credited me with 10kCals. Very frustrating!!

After lunch drove to Garstang. Hunted round charity shops just in case any had any travel books or maps on Tenerife. No joy. Then to Booths and a drink (and cake!) in the cafe. Met Peter from church there and had a quick chat. Then a quick wander round shop before heading home. 

Got the hedge trimmers out for the first time this year. Trimmed the Leylandi facing the drive. thought it was best to practice out of sight of everyone. 🙂

Cooked tea when Naomi came home – sirloin steak with fried onions and peppercorn sauce, fried potatoes and a bit of salad. 

Spent the evening in front of the TV and keeping up with people online. 

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