Diary – April 20th 2015

and another week begins. Didn’t sleep very well, dunno why. 

Weather looking promising as I went for my walk to the shop. 

Once we’d had breakfast and Naomi had gone I got in car and drove along back lanes to Mobility Smart to buy some ferrules. That’s the bit of rubber on the bottom of crutches. It took ages for the guy to find them upstairs. Couldn’t help thinking that such a necessary item should be in a much more obvious position, but, hey, it’s not my shop. Drove into Garstang and bought some sun cream at Booths and then returned home. 

Shortly after the guys turned up for our village Bible study. It was a good session. A bit shorter than usual as everyone was busy. 

Had lunch and then headed down to caravan park on bicycle for Jam club meeting. That went ok; lasted til about 1515 when I had to leave. 

Cycled back to village to school, got there as last children were leaving. One or two recognised me with expressions that said “what are you up to?”  Had to wait a while for head teacher. Had a chat with her about a job vacancy for breakfast club team leader. A good chat. Ended up agreeing to do job from start of June. :-). I’ve got a job!!! ( I will have to change the name of this blog)

Came home and did a YSFE session. A bit longer than before and burned more calories. 

Did some stir fry veg and beef for tea and then spent rest of evening packing. I’m going to try to cut down on tech dependence and only take my iPhone and not my iPad. 

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