Diary – April 22nd 2015

pleased how quiet hotel has been overnight I think I took a while to get to sleep and woke fairly early, but not from other room


It got light all of a sudden at 7.30am. I got up then and saw beautiful colours on mountain but by the time I got dressed it was much brighter and plainer. 

We hit the restaurant at about 0840 for breakfast. It was very busy and there was lots of choice at the buffet 

So we were out of the room at about 10am. Walked along beside beach and then over to old harbourand then along car park to modern lighthouse. Failed to find geocache.

Back towards shops and stopped for lunch just after 12. Fish soup, fried fish with Canadian potatoes, chocolate mousse and a beer. Walked more streets and back to hotel for about 3pm 

I headed to bar for a tea and Internet access. 

Then we went to try out the facilities. Naomi went  for a swim and I tried out the gym. Bit disappointed. One treadmill, two bikes and one recumbent and weights. Tried to imitate the cardio boxing I do but couldn’t manage. 10 mins on bike and then 10 mins run but only 7.9kmh. Popped into spa to ask about prices and was allowed a look round. 

Back to room to shower and sit for a while before heading downstairs for pre-dinner drink

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