Diary -April 26th 2015

We got up early. Before sunrise. A quick breakfast in an almost empty dining room and we were out of the hotel by 8.30am. 

Heading up the mountain. Or is it a volcano? Is a dormant volcano just a mountain? Words!!!! Drove up the hill through La Orotava with rather a lot of hairpin bends. Stopped at at least one viewpoint before entering official park. And onto El Teide. 

Very easy to get tickets and only a short wait for cable car. 8 min ride to higher level. 

Spent about 3 hours wAlking on paths and taking photos before coming down again. 

Stopped in cafe for food and drink, quick look at shop before jumping in car. Followed road southwest which took us round edge of caldera and did several geocaches. 

Then turned southeast on road to

Los gigantes. Guess what? Lots more hairpins. Had an ice cream whil admiring cliffs and did another earth cache. Then headed to Santiago and turned back on to main road for more hairpins (!) before joining main road along coast and returning to hotel bruise relieved to find out usual parking spot still free. 

No national theme for dinner tonight. Maybe it should have been Nepal??

A short after-dinner walk along the promenade. 

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