Diary – April 28th

time go home!!

We stayed in bed s bit late. Got up to find that clouds were very low again. Had breakfast and returned to room to pack. It’s always easier to pack to return as it’s just a case of needing to shove everything in rather than making any decisions. Anyway, with that done we left the hotel and set off up the main road. 

Turned off at a place called El suavel and drove down to a viewpoint overlooking the cliffs. More steep roads and hairpin bends!! 

Returned to motorway and head to Santa Cruz. Planned to stop there for a couple of hours but struggled to find any free parking so gave up and headed south along the motorway. 

Stopped at a town called Candelaria. Parked on large square next to pretty church. Found a geocache and then walked to harbour where we found na restaurant California. I ordered Roman cuttlefish not really knowing what I would get. Tasty, but I forgot to take a photo. Must Google Roman cuttlefish tomorrow. 

Back to car and as we were still a bit early for airport we turned off again to a place called El Medano. Brief walk along sea front, admiring wind surfers (the sort who use parachutes) and the red volcanic cone behind the village. 

Back to car and the final couple of kilometres were quite  exciting as fuel gauge was showing completely empty. I hope the rental company are impressed as that’s what they yd me to do. But if laugh if I heard that there wasn’t enough fuel to get the car to their garage. 

Check-in wasa but slow, the passenger assistance we use seems much more formalised with paperwork – why isn’t it all pre-printed?? Security check was quite thorough and then we had an hour or so to kill in the departure lounge. Plenty of time to be tempted by duty free shopping…

We were taken down the corridor for boarding even before the plane had arrived. We saw it land on the runway and then taxi to the gate. A rapid exit of passengers and only a few minutes before we were allowed on. Poor plane crew!! It used to be thought of as such a glamorous job. On this plane the cabin crew sit at the back of the plane with bags of rubbish between their knees. 

Captain says it will be about 6C when we land that will feel very cold. 

Saw some land about 2 hours out. We can’t decide where we were looking at, but I think it most likely was Brittany.   

Then as we got closer I think we flew along the North Wales coast in darkness and could see streetlights and a pier. Then we flew over Liverpool and did a clockwise circle around manchester. 

It always surprises me how long it takes to get out of an airport. Drove home via M60 and M61. Roadworks slowed us down a bit and we got home shortly after midnight. 

House in order. Check the maiand then bed at 1am. Ah! My

Own bed!! Zzzzzxx

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