Diary – 1st May 2015

Another new month already?? I forgot to submit our energy meter readings last night, but I don’t suppose 8 hours lat will make much difference. And then I realised that in all the drama of the last few weeks I forgot to do meter readings at the end of March. Ho hum

Well, lots to do today. Started well with sleeping in late so was still eating breakfast when Naomi left.

Set to work on our Bikes and Barrows display only to realise that we are out of Duck tape, so a trip to the hardware store in order. Then remembered I need to find a geocache today so did a quick hunt for a local one that would be easy to drive to. Quick drive down main road and cache found, tape bought and return home.  Decorate barrow with political statement.

Then set to with lawn mower and cut grass. I’m sure I did it quicker this time and I certainly used less petrol. How come??

And once that was done I put our barrow out on the street:


Last night we tied a few bikes and barrows to our


and Naomi set out our interactive garage doorIMG_4995

Anyone want to play? I’ve watched a few people walk past and they all seem a bit bemused.
I did a long YSFE session in the afternoon. The game reported I burned 181 kCal. Certainly felt it later on. 

Time for tea and then I’m out on the Bikes and Barrows bike ride round the village. 

Got down to the village on my bike only to be told the group ride was off 😦 so I went for a ride by myself just to look round and then went back to Priory to join group from village. Stayed for a drink and hen we parted. It was a hard ride up the hill!!

Cold in snug so I switched on TV and made a fire before Naomi came home. 

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