Diary – 2nd May 2015

Well, here we go: first day of 2015 Scorton Bikes and Barrows Festival. I’ve volunteered and my first job is parking attendant starting at 9am. 

So I got up, did my walk down to the village shop and came home for a quick breakfast. Naomi was actually out of the house before me, for a morning at Lancaster. 

Walked down to village for about 9am. Very quiet. Made my way to car park entrance and found a chair and table. All by myself. James, supervisor, came over and apologised that my partner had had to pull out and he was struggling to find a replacement. He found one eventually and we stood out in the wind and rain. Paul popped home and came back with a patio umbrella that we could stand under. It was very quiet until about 11am when some of the rose queen retinues started arriving. And that carried on until 1pm when my replacement turned up. 

Made way to centre of village and was in good time to see Rose Queen procession. Naomi had returned in time also. After the procession we headed back home for some lunch and for me to warm up. 

Then back to village for about 3pm as Naomi was helping with food and drinks in the chapel. I went for a wander taking photos of displays there wasn’t. Much happening on the field but there was a great display of MG cars and a Morgan. 


Once refreshments were finished we walked back home and after a bit had tea before Naomi headed out again. 

I had time to do another 30 min row, a bit slower than last time. Ha ha. Concept2 have broken their Facebook app: “database error” 🙂

Eventually went to bed feeling very tired. 

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