Diary – 3rd May 2015

And the second day of Bikes and Barrows begins. Bit of a funny start for a Sunday – Naomi was up at normal working day time and out of the house before I had got out of bed. 

I had a gentle start to the day and was off down to the village for 1030am to do traffic duties outside the chapel. That was an interesting spot as the 10k run was in progress and they had coned off half the road for runners  drizzle turned to rain and then got heavier for a while before it stopped. 

There was much confusion about what was happening in the afternoon; stall-holders turning up before the race was finished, then news that the music had been cancelled and was anything happening? Did feel that standing at that position was a waste of my time. I only talked to half a dozen drivers during my 2 1/2 stint. 

Then went for a walk to admire vintage cars: Caterhams, a selection of British Leylandi cars, a Renault, 4 Scimitars and some Porsches. 

Naomi drove down hill and we went to chippy for lunch and then returned home for a couple of hours. 

Next  B&B event was the Songs of Praise in the chapel. A good sing-song and a lovely contribution from the school worship band. Stopped for tea, cake and chat afterwards and then I headed home and Naomi went off to Lancaster for evening. 

Did another YSFE routine – 170 kCal – and then sat down in front of TV. 

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