Diary – 13th May 2015

Ha ha. The trials of forgetting to write my diary before I go to bed. What DID I do yesterday?

Well, I can tell you, it’s light at 5.30am here. And I think I was a bit restless thinking about my blood pressure and wondering if Jam Club was going to go Ok. 

Up at 7am and down to the shop for papers. Looking to be a nice day, but absolutely no wind at all which will be a shame for the kite-making at Jam club. 

After breakfast I set to in the garden. Four sweet pea plants in a pot and a pyramid of canes for them to grow up.  

 And then four tomato plants into a hanging basket. I was a bit concerned about having t push the plants through the holes, but I think they have survived 



And then out to Garstang. My first appointment at the health centre since we moved here. Saw the nurse to talk about high blood pressure. She tested it again. Top reading was 170. Not good. She gave me a multi-page document about Hypertension and  advised me to do a week of blood pressure readings. A great idea until I go back to reception and find out there is a waiting list for the BP monitors. ha. NHS under the Tories…. Maybe they’ll have one for me next week is all they can promise. 

And then back to Scorton for JAM club. My first one in charge. We got off to a bit of a slow, late start but we all enjoyed playing tag in the playground then came inside and read the story of Ascension, sang a song and then made kites and there was just about enough wind for kites to fly in the playground. At the end had a long chat with other team members. Not everyone is happy; oh dear. 

And head home. Made tea for myself and didn’t have much time before heading out to guitar lesson. Went well. Played Amazing Grace and worked some more on 12-bar Blues with slide and working in some little riffs
And then round for a cup of tea with Denise because we’re the only two of our housegroup around. 

And home for 8.30pm or so. 

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