Diary – 24th May 2015. 

I wish I slept better! Woke early again I think because of noise coming through the closed window. Maybe it’s time to investigate new seals. 

So I got up and had breakfast and played on Xbox before heading out to Lancaster. Got free parking which is always a plus. 

Morning service at LBC was all about the world wide church and the Bible verse that says ‘be filled with the Holy Spirit’. After service had a chat with a few people. Then headed home. 

A quick lunch and we’re waiting for some friends to arrive. So we watched tennis in TV for a while and sat outside for a while until they arrived. 

Once here they were ready to stretch their legs so we went for a hike round the “garden”. Lots for two little boys to look at and we got across the stream without anyone falling in. A bit of a surprise at the top as we looked over Our neighbour’s earthworks he appeared and invited us to have a look at his railway. We had to walk across his bridge and then chatted to his wife. He took our friends and her sons for a ride and we watched them disappear up the line and then cross the bridge.  


That was the best photo I took, but I should have stood further back to get the whole engine in. 

When they came back we headed home and introduced the two boys to the toy box which kept them entertained until teatime. 

Whole family disappeared when it was boys’ bedtime. 

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